Subconscious Mind Programming

When someone gets “information” in such a way instead of for example dreams is the possibility higher it might just be imaginary?!

I tend not to trust my own conscious development of information, because I so often plant things that “might” have been there; but, are really a result of being conscious of the world around me, including memories of things seen or heard recently. I would tend to trust a little more of what comes from the subconscious with the help of meditation or guided regressions.

You may already be using certain techniques to access your subconscious, and I could be quite wrong about distrusting conscious thinking. Only you know what works best.
I just went to sleep and strangely I thought about the movie I just watched about a child finding his parents again. When I saw them in each other’s arms, I recall being astonished as why I had tears falling, not because it was a good reunion but because I suddenly missed being hugged by my mom. And what was weird was that in my mind I saw myself as a child being hugged by its parents, a small child. And while in bed, half asleep but still brooding, I remembered something

from my own childhood: up until the age of 10, if I was going out and if I was being accompanied by my parents or one of them they would always walk with my hands in theirs. And suddenly when I got 10 things changed – as it should I might add (ashamed of himself here. My dad wouldn’t want to hold my hand anymore while walking because I was too old for that. And I clearly remember my mom even “throwing” my hand away from hers because I was too old to be holding hands with my parents. I was shocked at such a sudden change and I felt deeply hurt. Now, I know that it was a natural thing to do, but holding hands with them made me feel safe. And as I was going through those memories again, I felt

deeply hurt all over again, as if I was 10 again. I didn’t understand. Why that grief? My mind understood the reason for the rejection but as an adult my heart didn’t. The realization hit me all sudden: I saw the link between my life now and my life as Yasuo, because I had a vision of myself as Yasuo walking in the streets holding hands with his parents. Though I don’t understand why it would make me feel safe in this life…

Since last week I keep have images appearing in front of my eyes. Usually I wouldn’t pay any attention to those, but this repeated pattern bothers me.
The most frequent one: “I see myself holding in my hand, or more precisely between my fingers, a bowl-shaped but small (cup-sized) container filled with a beverage. Lost in thoughts, I’m contemplating its content. I can see the head of a tree reflected in it. I just know it is sake.” In real life I wouldn’t be able to tell its taste since I never drank any sake

before. “The liquid looks lush and seems to give a rich flavour on the palate. It has a golden hue. The play of the light (probably the setting sun) makes it looks darker at times.” I always thought sake was supposed to be muddy white. What’s funny is that I’m not one to drink alcohol since it definitely tastes bad. And here I am having such a picture in my mind of apparently such fine tasting sake!
Another one which only appeared twice: “The picture of a woman in ancient clothing passing by with tied-back hair.”

And the last image popping up often: “I see myself sitting on a broad branch in a tree in bloom. It’s probably spring and I’m high up in the tree. One of my legs is flexed and the other one is dangling down.”
I don’t know why these same pictures keep appearing out of the blue during the day, nor why they are somehow important to me. They are kind of disrupting my routine. At first, a pleasant change, but now they are really distracting. I thought they just might be daydreams and nothing more. But they just appear over and over again and most importantly unchanging in their form.