Japanese Past Lives

Had a guided online regression today, and was wondering about something...

Found out from the regression that I was a poor land-owning samurai in Shimabara, Japan, and took part in the Christians' uprising there in 1637-38. There were many important figures I'd met in that life, even a few Europeans...however, one person who has me confused is the person who was apparently my wife. The images of her that I got before the uprising and the images of the person who I think was her at battle at the very end of the uprising (when it was crushed) seem like they're the combined impressions of two different people. As far as anyone here knows, is it possible that my mind merged my wife with another person-- perhaps her sister or a close friend? This has really got me confused.
The first time I saw the end of the uprising was in a "vision"-- and I saw one person who I think was BarbaraSheridan (who was at Shimabara during the uprising), getting shoved/thrown to the ground by an enemy soldier.

But, when I had the regression, I saw Hana (my wife), who I definitely felt a deeper connection to, in the same position, in roughly the same place-- only thing was, she was thrown to the ground and dragged away as she reached out to me with one hand. Plus, I saw both of them before and after the uprising, and in both cases, they don't look exactly the same. So my guess is they were friends or sisters or somethng of that sort.

On a side note, when I did a drawing of Hana last night, I realized she looked a lot like Midori, who I was married to in the late 1860s. Plus, I realized something else-- Hana died in early 1638 in the domain of Shimabara, and I met Midori in early 1863 in the district of the city of Kyoto known as Shimabara. The numbers and place names are the same...
It's funny...in recent days, I find myself longing more and more for the way things used to be in Japan. It was bad enough that the old order was "destroyed" in 1868, but the one that replaced it was also mostly re-structured in 1945...and yet, considering my time as both a samurai in the 1860s, and as a fighter pilot in the 1940s, I find myself longing for those old days when everything seemed so clear and yet...not.

Especially when I see these TV shows showing what Japan is "really" like nowadays...I get really disgusted. I keep telling people, "This is NOT the real Japan! Tokyo is NOT the real Japan!", but I feel like I'm a lone voice among the shifting sands of time.

This one anime series I watch, called "Sakura Wars", seems to have the deepest resonance for me. It's set in Japan in the 1910s, and when I watch it, I feel so at home with the situations and the settings, the mix of old and new culture...especially a society where one could live in harmony with those two with peace of mind-- one could still wear a kimono, and yet also travel in a streetcar or watch a movie. It makes me feel like I'm on the verge of learning more about my life in pre-WWII and WWII Japan...but I haven't quite uncovered a great deal of information as yet.

I dunno...maybe I'm just rambling. I'm fully aware of the facts about World War II, but that society, that mix of old and new, predates the seizing of power by the militarists, so I am in no way saying I support what they did.

It's just that...when I see these westerners obsessing over "Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo," I just get so disgusted. I don't care about American fast-food joints, or where all the foreigners hang out...I want to see the country as it was! I want to live peacefully among the Japanese people, and become "re-acquainted" with their true spirit. I'm not sure...am I expressing myself correctly? I'm sure others of you have similar moments...what do you do when that happens?