I Saw My Dead Grandfather in a Dream

I had a very strange experience that happened to me a while back.
Here is a little background to my experience.
My Grandfather has been deceased for some time but he was always in my thoughts.
I had one in a dream with my grandfather once:

I was living with my grandmother at the time and in the dream I saw my deceased grandfather coming out of a building. Stunned to be seeing him, I ran towards him and passed my arm around his and started walking with him. He was wearing a suit (as he usually did) and was using his walking cane. He smelled like my grandfather, felt like my grandfather…

“Why are you appearing to me like this?” I asked him.

“Have you been having any spiritual contacts lately?” he asked me.

Well, I was just starting to frequent a spiritual center at the time, so I said yes.

“But why aren’t you with us anymore?” I asked.

“Because it only takes one of us to do what has to be done…” he replied.

When I woke up in the morning and was having breakfast with my grandmother, I told her about the dream.

“How funny,” she said, “it would have been his birthday today…”