French Revolution

I feel that I must have been a French soldier, possibly in the French Revolution. I had a dream a couple of months ago, which was my first ever vision into a previous life. I was in a war. The side I was on was wearing red and white uniforms, with black hats. The opposing side was wearing sky blue and white uniforms. We were in a battle on top of a hill, the grass was a very healthy green, and behind the opposing forces, I could see trees. Our captain, sitting a top his horse, was situated so that we surrounded him. I was in the front lines. Our captain gave orders for us to fire. The other side pretty much wiped us out. I saw them shoot one guy in the chest, and I saw as he fell off his horse and die. After a few minutes, our captain shouted for all of us to get down. While on the ground, I could feel the blood from the person behind me land on my cheek after he was shot. Just then they fired several bullets into my head, resulting in my death. When I woke up, I was sweating a little, and there was a sensation in the back of my head, as if blood was coming out, and there was pain in the bumps I have on the top and sides of my head, and they are situated exactly where the enemy's bullets hit. I have browsed some sites looking to find what the battle was, and who these opposing forces were, but couldn't find anything. I did get feelings from a picture that I saw that was similar to the one in my dream.