A Few of My Memories

Last life: happy life with three kids, loved my husband incredibly, we were pretty average except being a somewhat interracial couple in the 50's (Hispanic & Irish, but both attended same Catholic church) only thing dramatic was our deaths--in a house fire while our children were still young. But I had a lovely dream one day when I was first married about how this man and I had met and how he proposed (and woke up feeling terribly guilty for the love I felt for this person until I looked at my husband and realized it was the same man, in a different body).

Ones before that: I remember being a civil war widow, who remained alone, lonely and bitter until becoming involved with the women's sufferage movement in my old age and meeting my next love--who as far as anyone else could see was just another old lady who I moved in with for company. (I don't know if lesbianism falls under Joe Schmoe, but i wasn't anyone famous.)

In a life that looked like something out of Little House on the Prairie, I was an abused wife, who with the help of friends escaped my husband only to die of smallpox shortly thereafter.

Late 1700's early 1800's I was a child in Eastern(?) Europe, daughter of a prostitute, who left home to work at a fairly young age, then later married and moved to America. I didn't have any children, but I died healthy at an old age, the only drama in my life was this very quiet inner demon that I never was able to go back after I left home and get my younger brother who I heard was sent to an orphanage after my mother's death.

The other ones where I seem to be just an average person are mostly snippets of past lives, not something where I remember the story of my life as those above.