Children Remembering Past Lives

There is an extensive collection of data about children remembering what seem to be their past lives without inducing the resurface of these memories or even without hypnosis.
Some children may be heard saying something about their other mommy or their other appearance which we can easily disregard as baby talk. But there are documentation of children as young as two and still in diapers that say things that describe details of things they had no way of learning this early in this life.
Although it is only rather recent that westerners like us have started documenting these so called past lives this phenomenon has been accepted way, way back by other cultures. Disregard the parents religious beliefs, these memories have been recalled and documented from children all over the globe. And despite their youth, the documents show the vividness and emotional maturity of the memories though the subjects were mere toddlers. The subjects would narrate information about adult lives, sometimes even share their deaths. Even an average person who has no knowledge and no academic studies about reincarnation would think that it is strange for a child to create stories like this or lie about a previous life with details so vivid.
So what are the implications of this phenomenon and what are its effects to the average individual who believes in it?
So far, this documentation of children with spontaneous memories is the most convincing evidence of reincarnation at the moment. The records and data collected and accomplished by scholars, researchers and even doctors in the field of medicine and psychology are done using scientific procedures and methods.
Dr. Ian Stevenson an esteemed biochemist and professor of psychiatry made a useful study where he connected and researched the existence of the people described in these memories. Through cross matching physical descriptions like birthmarks, scar and even defects to directories of people who in fact truly existed, he was able to write the most credible study proving past-life, after-life and reincarnation concepts true.
Another important lesson to learn from the study of reincarnation and these spontaneous memories from children who have yet to develop a lying tongue is that the soul exists and it is that part in us that lives on and is immortal, therefore it is the important part of our whole existence. And to believe that we have souls will help us develop a spirituality that will shape us into kind and pious individuals. It is like a guiding principle for us to follow and apply in our daily lives.
A scientific look at this phenomenon will allow us to explain phobias and other irrational fears even diseases or pains that cannot be otherwise explained. A man afraid of heights may have, in his previous life, died in an accident falling off a tall structure; or a woman who has a recurring pain in her back might have, in her previous life, been stabbed in the back and died because of it.
And in a nutshell, what we gain from understanding our past are nuggets of wisdom we can apply to our present lives, a study of history helps us avoid repeating our past lives mistakes and make the present one better.