Child Reincarnation Stories

I Remember You

My aunt told me this story about her grandchild who at that time would of been 2 years old.
The family was together for christmas when all of a sudden the Lil girl spoke in perfect English, "I remember you, I was coming to visit you Christmas eve but I didn't make it"
My aunt says she had a boyfriend back in the day who decided to come down on Christmas eve and spend the holidays with her, needless to say he didn't make it and died in a car accident on the way. This happened before she even had kids, so no one knew this story, except this Lil 2 year old

My Six Year Olds Memories

I am writing this privately to you because I dont believe in reincarnation but my six year old has raised my brow. before last night she has talked of someone she missed. after her bath she was in her room getting ready for bed. I hear her crying. tears coming hysterically. finally while I hug her she says mommy I want to tell you . but you wont believe me. I comfort her and she begins to tell me about her best friend Brilla that lived in the 1940s.

My Two Year Old's Past Life Memories

My 2yr old has had a lot of interesting things to tell me! It started a couple of months ago. She got up one morning and hugged me and said, “I all grown up!" and I thought how cute. She has cute things to say so I just humoured her. I asked her if she could drive a car then. She laughed and said, “No cars there mommy!" And I, of course, asked her where, no cars where? She responded with, “When I Mary." My daughter's name is Dakota! I thought maybe she said married, but when I questioned her she said it was her name. I told her doesn't she know her name is Dakota! She said, “Now I Dakota.

I'm a Grown Man

I never believed in reincarnation until today. My 8 year son has always been an extremely angry child who has difficulties connecting with other children one reason being that he has always acted so much older than kids his age so he dominated them and bossed them around.. Today after leaving the gym he casually said to me " I am not a kid, I am a grown man actually I am a lot older than you. I was a father who lost my kids, I am very angry and sad about it.

I Remember When you Were a Little Girl

When my little one who is now 7. When she was about 3, we were watching Scooby Doo, and she looked at me and said, "I remember when you were a little girl, and I was your mommy then, and I used to watch this show with you." And I said, "You do?" And she said, "Yes I do." in a matter-of-fact tone. I have always felt like it was a strong possibility, especially since I got pregnant w/her shortly after my mother died. Their birthdays are even close together.

I Was My Grandma in a Past Life

As a child I would always tell my mom things about her childhood and things that her, my grandmother and aunt would do. In very great detail most of the time I would tell her about adventures that "we" would all take together. Going on road trips and picking through rummage sales. One day I remember talking to my mom and she just started crying. Tears of peace in some sort but heart ache in another.

My Four Year Olds Other Mother

My daughter is 4 I'll call her Emily. From the time she could talk she has talked about her other mommy with curly blonde hair and blue eyes this couldn't be farther from me as I have dark straight hair and very dark brown eyes but anyway she has said when she was in the clouds with God she picked me to be her momma then she went in my belly but got scared and left. Nobody talks about the fact when I was 20 years old and had a miscarriage when I was almost 4 months pregnant she told me momma I know you were really sad but it's OK because I came back.

Memories When I Was Child

I am excited having discovered this site and notice that there are other FB sites for this topic..since I was a little girl I remember dreams (some traumatic) and others as well. My mother called me (I was about 3 or 4) up on the porch one day after arguing with other children. I was admonished for "making up" stories. I had shared with this group that I did other games with other children and that I lived someplace else in another time.

I Was a Scottish Soldier

My father says that when I was not yet 2 (but speaking in full sentences), I came up to him & said "Daddy, when do we get to go back to Scotland & be soldiers again?" He was in shock but happy, as he had always believed in reincarnation (despite calling himself an atheist). When my husband & I went to Scotland (in 2001 for the first time), I fell to my knees the minute my feet hit Scottish soil. It was an Absolute "home" recognition.

Daughter Remembers Living in a Castle

When my daughter was 3 we visited a castle over 100 miles away from our home. She knew nothing about it. As did none of the family. The castles no longer there as was demolished back in the 1600's and now has a mansion stood on the site. As we got into the grounds she ran into a field and said this was the kitchen. I laughed not thinking much of it, until she went on to describe how the castle was attacked and set on fire so she ran into the caves to escape. I asked her what caves and she led me over to a gate that didn't look like anything much until I read that it was in fact caves.

My Three Year Old Daughter Misses Her Other Family

Recently, my 3 year old has spoken about her other family.

She started speaking about them a few months ago, and told me about her sister, and other mother. At first, I just thought that she was being funny, as she has a highly developed vocabulary, and distinct sense of humour for such a young child. More recently, she has been adding more detail to what she says, and has repeated the same names again and again. She often talks about her sister Sada and mother Ada. These are not names that are usual to our family, or people that we know.

Memory of a Past Life or Vivid Imagination

I have two children. A 5year old son and a 3 yr old daughter. Since my daughter started talking she has talked about her "friends" and her "other mommy". She says she misses them and looks so sad. She draws sad stick figures and says it is her mommy that misses her. At first I thought this was her way of telling me she missed me. But her stories are more often now and more detailed. She wakes at night crying saying she misses her friends. And she will seclude herself and begin crying about her missed friends. She also says she had a baby brother. She claims they lived in a black house.

My 4 year old cousin talks about his past-family.

I have a 3 almost 4 year old cousin named Troy. When I was at his mommies he went up to his mom and told his mom he had 5 kids and a wife. Honestly, we thought kid just being a kid but then it started to make us question when he started talking more and more. He said he was 3 sons and 2 daughters. That his daughter had 2 daughters. Then the next day after we blew it off as him, "just being a kid" he said one of his daughter's sister's died. He went into detail about how she died and where they lived.It was weird because nobody has mentioned anything about death around him recently.

American Girl Remembers Danish Life

She started after a bath when she was 2 1/2, in a calm voice she asked if I was mad that one time she died and no one took her to the hospital. I told her that when she was sick I took her to the Dr. and got medicine. She said " No, the time when I was your older brother and fell down the basement stairs. My sides of my head were smashed in and blood was coming out, you were my sister but you were only two and you cried, then I was dead."

Journal of My Son's Zachary Past life Comments

These are a couple of the things Zachary has told me so far. He just turned four on the 8th of November. The last couple, actually the earlier ones by date, I'm not sure if they're related to past lives, seeing spirits or possibly both.

My Four Year Old Son Describes Family's Murder

My four year old has been talking about 'when he was a teenager' four the last 6 months. I have been wondering if these were past life memories. About a month ago he started having horrible night terrors every single night. Today after our follow up appointment at the end where we had a sleep test done (results were ok) he told me that his parents and his sister were killed before 'but this time I know what to do! I will bash his face in and kill him first' I was shocked and just asked him to repeat what he said. He told me the same thing again. I didn't pry or ask any follow up questions.

Son's Fear of Water

My 19 month old son has never slept well - the occasional 5-hour stretch is remembered for weeks - and I am probably imagining things due to sleep deprivation! Anyway.

Daughters Possible Finnish Past Life Memories

When Tess was about 18 months old, we acquired 11 acres and a newer mobile in the country, about 20 minutes from town. (Also, a week later, I lost my boyfriend). This area- especially the area west to us- was popular for many Finnish immigrants who came over mainly to work in the bush camps (foresty). This wasn't really the choicest land for farming (and boy, neither was mine!)but it was cheap so they bought up lots of it.

Two Year Old Talks About Heaven

I am the mother of a 23 month old little girl, April. She has made some comments recently that have absolutely floored me. She speaks better that any 2 year old that I know. In fact she is probably speaks at about the level of at least a 2.5- 3 year old. I know that every parent thinks this about their child, but it really is true in my daughters case.

My Daughter's Past Life Comments

I have a (just turned 5) year old daughter, and she has said some things i believe could be past life related, but some of the things she says and does are kind of disturbing, and i dont know whether are not they are related to a past life or not...
Let me explain...

My Daughter's Reincarnation Story

When my daughter was very young she started making statements that I first dismissed.
According to friends and family she watched too much TV.
There were too many statements and reactions though and I realized that she was reincarnated.
Before she was three she made simple statements like “ When I was older I smoked”
“They took my children away from me”
When she was three, we made a trip to Grand Junction CO. While we were there, my daughter started making statements that scared me. She said:

Memory of Fire

I was about 4, which would make my next oldest brother 6. We were sitting at the dinner table, all 5 of us (my oldest brother was 8), and were just being kids while our parents talked about dull, grown-up things, like work and bills.

At some point my mom asked my dad if he had heard from his cousin Lupe lately. I remember this particular piece of the conversation because that's when my 6 year old brother left our chatter about TV shows and asked my parents;

"Do you remember when the house burned down?"

I think My Sister is the Reincarnation of My Grandma Who Committed Suicide

My grandmother committed suicide when I was 4 years old. I don't remember her, but I know I was there when she was found. She had some sort of medical problems - unknown diagnosis - but apparently it was keeping her up at night and I think possibly lack of sleep and being in pain and not knowing what was wrong may have clouded her judgment.

Murdered Maid

I used to dream i was a maid, in a big stately home, working for the upper class people.

I had a white mop hat, and a pinny, the lady of the house was in the room highest up in the house, can never remember her face, as i never looked her in the face, i wasn't allowed eye contact as i was the servant, but i would bring her up a large jug, with fresh warm water, and a bowl, and leave it on the old oak dresser by the side of her bed, the dresser had 20 small draws, all with black brass handles to open each draw.

Daughter's Past Life Suicide

When my daughter was younger, about 2, songs would come on the radio from the late 70's early 80's and even though she had never heard them she would seem to know the words and sing along. I noticed that songs after 83 she didn't know, she would say " I don't remember this one".

My little sister.

I was making myself a sandwitch when she climbed onto the bar stool. ( she's 4 going on 5). She told me, "remember when i died? I was twelve and tried to run away from the mean white man he made me work in the yard. i was older than you and mother. I was older than everyone in our family."

Where Is My Min.

I was 13 when my youngest brother was born. He had a favourite blanket that he had, which had silky/satin material around the edging. He used to rub it together, sliding the two pieces of satin together, and say, "My Min." Any material that was silky, he'd do this to, and say that.
Years later, I was surprised to learn, that there is a Chinese word for silk, called Min. (makes you wonder)

Roman Gladiator

When my son was 2 1/2, I was trying to get him into a swimming pool with me. He point blank refused, even though I was only trying to get him onto a lilo. He'd always been scared of water. Still is. He finally said "When I was a man before, I drowned in a boat, so you are not getting me in that water." I was more surprised by the word "drowned" as Id never taught him that word.

I Miss My other Mother

When my oldest daughter, Amelia, was not quite 3 and barely speaking, we had a very weird conversation. I had put her to bed, and later, I heard her crying. I went in to comfort her, and when I asked her what was wrong, she said she missed her mother. I was completely bewildered by that, and replied, "honey, I'm your mother, I'm right here". "No, she said, "my other mother. She died having the baby." I was freaked out, and she never said anything else along those lines, but she has always been very clingy and huggy, and stayed close to me.

Uncanny Sobbing

This is not really about past memories, as such,but may have a bearing on past lives.Soon after my daughter was born My wife would have her sleeping in the same room as her, I slept in another room, this was to enable me to have a good nights sleep,for work in the morning.

Beneficial Memories

Sometimes the memories offer good explanations of present behavior. When my older son was about 5 yrs. old, he developed a very protective stance toward another boy in our neighborhood. This neighbor was a year older, but much smaller in stature, and subject to some bullying. I was rather pleased my son tried to prevent the bullying, but was also surprised because he and this other boy really didn't seem to have much in common. This went on for several years until one day, my son came home from school with yet another tale of protecting his buddy.

My Two Son's Past Life Memories

I will give a little bit of background in regards to my oldest son's past life memory that he shared with me when he was 2 or 2.5 years old. When I was in my early 20's, way before my son was born and before I had even met his father, I had a past life regression. My first "memory" was myself as a young girl about 7 years old standing barefoot in my parents very large (acreage) yard hidden in the trees playing in the mud. In fact, I distinctly remember the feeling of wiggling my toes in the mud. I remember knowing it was around the early 20th century, maybe 1904 or 1905.

My Three Year old Son Explained My Step Father's Death

He and I were in the garage. My son turned 3 this past February, and we recently bought him his first bike. He was playing with it, while I sat on the steps to the entrance of our home from the garage. We store a lot of things in our garage, and next to the door on top of a storage bin, was a family photo album. I had given this album to my mother when I was young, and she had filled it with family photos. My step father, who was my younger brother's father committed suicide when my brother was 12 & I was 22.

Am I Imagining this, Is My son My Sister

Over 20 years ago my sister died in tragic circumstances. About 10 years after her death I visited a medium, the type with a large audience... not one on one, and I believe she came through. The medium described how she died and said some other things that confirmed it for me. His parting comment was "are you pregnant"? I wasn't and had no intention of being as I already had a child and was single at the time. I said no and he said "you will be". I didn't really give this last bit much thought at all other than to think he was confusing things as my sister was pregnant when she died.

My Son Spoke About Past Lives When He Was Young

My story is a bit out of date now as my son has just turned 18 but I thought I’d share it anyway.

First Day of Kindergarten

When I was about 3 1/2 or 4 I had my first day at kindergarten. I remember very clearly standing in the little playground watching the children all playing and being a little overawed by it all. I saw some little boys playing 'sword fights' with sticks. Now, this was something I understood! I could see at once that they were not understanding what they were doing.

Strange Childhood Behavior

I don't remember much of my childhood before the age of eight/nine; just the odd pictures or one sentence from a conversation, if that. One thing I remember with clarity is when I was very small, I couldn't BELIEVE how hard it was to get on the kitchen cupboards - on anything, actually! I recall vividlyr how it bugged me every day that I had to climb to get to the counter or table. My mum confirms that I used to regularly ask why I couldn't reach anything "anymore", and she merely told me I wasn't supposed to "so stop climbing everything, our kitchen is not a playground!"

Killed in a Fire

So when I was around 3 I had fallen asleep in my grandmoter's bed and she had turned on the news and there was a house on fire being filmed and according to her she claims that all of a sudden I said "I was in a fire like that once, with my family. I burned up." and she was stunned and didn't know what to say and asked what my house was made of, so since I was only 3 my vocabulary was rather stunted and I replied with "Sticks." then she asked if it hurt to which my response was, "Well yeah!" Then I laid back down and fell asleep. I've always wondered who I was and who my family was.

Past Life Memories When I Was Three

The first time I had a past life memory I was round about the age of three. I know I was about three as I have a sister who is three years younger than me and my mum has told me that my sister was moved into my room when she was six months old - when I had my past life memory I was still alone in my room.

Baby Heaven

Hi, my nephew is 6 years old and often talks about when he was in "Baby Heaven". He says that he remembers certain things that happened while he was waiting to be born. He's been doing this since he was about two and a half. He doesn't talk about it as much as he used to. We are very close and have always spent alot of time together, I never thought much about it until I read "Children's Past Lives" after my Mom read it. We started talking about different things that Zack has said over the years.

Nephew's Past lives/Spirit Energy

I come from a highly sensitive family. My mother is clairvoyant, and i am as well, to a certain extent. (i panic easily.) My half-sister was very sensitive as a child and has had a single, unsettling experience with regression. She has a 2-year old son. We were chatting about reincarnation the other day and she brought up a couple of things that have been happening with him/in their house recently.

My Granddaughter is My Mother

I have a beautiful little 3 year old granddaughter with whom I am very close. I have other grandchildren, boys and girls both, but none have a bond as close as this little one and myself. She immediately took to me as an infant even though I did not see her regularly. I would be so pleased when she would come to me so easily and sit quietly with me.

Does My Son Have Past Life Knowledge

My son is almost 6 and has been saying things that make me think of a past life for almost four years now. The first thing I remember him saying blew me away...

He was just about 2, and I was giving him a bath, and while he was playing in the tub I put a skin conditioning mask on which turned my face white. He looked at me and said, "Mommy, you look like a lady." I was surprised, and asked, what do you mean, I look like a lady. He said "you just do". After looking in the mirror, and thinking about it, I remembered that long ago women would wear white face make-up.

Suicide on Black Tuesday

I'm 41, married with a 7 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. As a baby I was told that I was different than other toddlers. I never crawled, I walked at 9 months old and talked also. By 16 months. I was reading little golden books. By 2, I have become obsessed with the cemetery! I ways wanted my mom to walk past there so I could tell her who I knew "in there" she said to me Angel, they are all dead in there..I stated I know that but I still want to visit them. My grandmother was raised in a convent after her mother died in childbirth.

Daughter Says We Are Her New Parents

The other day my 2-and-a-half-year-old got a photo album of her birth. She pointed at a picture from minutes after she came into the world and said, "That's when I got my new parents."
Later that evening I asked her if she remembers telling me about getting her new parents. She said yes. I asked if she had old parents. She said yes. I asked what they were like. She said they were,
"Different. Like me! And I was ME!" She has an amazing imagination, so I don't want to read too much into this. I decided to just wait and see if she says anything else.

My Son Didnt Want To Be Born

My son was born on Labor day in 1999. He was a week late, but I was only in labor with him for 3 1/2 hours.

When he was two or three years old he would sometimes put his head on my stomach and say "I want back in your tummy mommy."

My Sons 15th Life

For several years my now 7 year old son, Kenny has told me I was the best Mom he'd ever had and that if he comes back again he wants to come back in my tummy. Since he's said these things for a couple of years I've gotten used to it.

Son Describes Other Family

My son has clearly described an entire family he has in another State, occupations, siblings ages and clothing (down to the buttons), how he met me "originally", the yard of the home where he lived (including the types of flowers), etc... He began this shortly after he turned four as we were driving home from pre-school seemingly out of the blue. Almost a year later he continues to speak of "his family" and often. To the best of my knowledge, he has no knowledge of the State he describes as home - certainly not the names of the flowers that grow there!!!

My Son Said He Drowned in a Past Life

My son is 3 years old and recently we went to swim at a lake that we have been to before...when we walked up over the hill and saw the water....he started to get excited and started yelling...mommy mommy!! Remember when I was big and I came here all by myself and I drowned??? I was totally shocked!! Ever since then he has been talking about drowning in a lake "when he was big"...It is a little scary for all of my uncle drowned in Lake Erie almost 4 years ago...My son is named after my uncle....Do you think it's possible that my son could be the reincarnation of my uncle?

My Son Seems to Have Past Life Knowledge

I was never exactly sure where I stood on the Reincarnation Fence until
recently. I'm now fairly convinced, and it's my son whose proven it to me.

I'll try to tell my little story, and I hope that it doesn't sound too odd
or disjointed. Before my son was a year old (I think he was about 8 months
or so) he saw a picture of a horse in a magazine. Without being told what
it was, he became very excited and started pointing to the picture
exclaiming ORSE! ORSE! From that moment forward, he's had what I can only
call an obsession with horses.

My Son Seems to Have Past Life Knowledge

I was never exactly sure where I stood on the Reincarnation Fence until
recently. I'm now fairly convinced, and it's my son whose proven it to me.

I'll try to tell my little story, and I hope that it doesn't sound too odd
or disjointed. Before my son was a year old (I think he was about 8 months
or so) he saw a picture of a horse in a magazine. Without being told what
it was, he became very excited and started pointing to the picture
exclaiming ORSE! ORSE! From that moment forward, he's had what I can only
call an obsession with horses.

My Son's Pediatrician thinks he may have "past life issues"

Please excuse my ignorance - I've never given any of this much thought until yesterday. I have a son who is not quite 3 yrs old. he has always been very active and has always displayed extremely aggressive behavior. Lately it has gotten much worse. He has been having temper tantrums that border on violent fits of rage. He yells things like "I'm bigger than you", "I'm gonna get you" and once he said "I'll kill you". He hits and kicks and when it's over, he's one of the most loving children I've ever met.

My Daughter Reincarnation of My Mother: Past life Proof, Conversations from age 2 to 6

My Mother, nickname Snowy, passed away March 1997.
I have never talked about my Mother in front of the children
because it was too hard to do without crying. I loved my Mother very much.

Conversations at different ages with my daughter, Cheyrl, born November 1997.
She was born 8 months after Mother died.

2 years old
She said "Call me Snowy, my name is Snowy"....over and over for years.

My Friends Two Year Old Son Was a Truck Driver

My best friends 2 year old son and I are best buddies. Every time I’d take him to the park to play he would point out Mac trucks and with sheer enthusiasm. I always felt as if he was always trying to tell me more. I had read Carol’s book and had always wondered who Isaac has been before, though, I have always been hesitant to ask. A couple of weeks ago I was driving Isaac to the grocery store when we passed a few motorbikes. I heard him rambling something about bikes but it wasn’t coherent to me.

My 5 year old: "When we are babies again"

My five year old son (my youngest) has never said anything about a previous life, but he does seem to take the idea of reincarnation for granted. While I have always been open to my children's comments on past lives (one of my daughters once said she had another mother who had "yellow hair like Ms. Laura" and my older son has made several comments about falling off a boat and drowning), we never talk about it as a something that definitely happens. By contrast, we are Roman Catholic (who quietly believe in reincarnation as a strong possibility).

I Want My other Mother I Dont Want You

My daughter is 3 seems like the going age for werid things to start happening. I have 3 older children and none of them do or say the things my 3 year old does. It has been going on for about 6 months. She has told me all about her other house 392, and how her other mother and father live there. She talks about her puppy as well. I have just gone ok honey but I am your mummy now. She agrees and returns to play.

Possible Past Life Recurring Dream

When I was 12-13 year old I would frequently have exactly the same very vivid dream time and time again. Sadly I did not write down the details at the time but I will try to recall as much detail as I can now:

Sons Comments on Past Life

I have been raised catholic and went to catholic school as a child but I have always believed in souls going to heaven but not necessarily reincarnation until my son told me this out of the blue one day. My son who was 4 at the time was sitting next to me watching cartoons and he just said without any prompting or anything on tv to put this thought in his head that in the year 361 all of his brothers and sisters died. I asked him when this happened and he said it was before he was in my tummy. I asked him if he remembered what kind of clothes he was wearing.

Son's Memories

I just wanted to share my story and just communicate it with some people who do not judge nor mock. We live in the bible belt and while i no longer claim the Christian religion most here do. My son also does follow the Christian faith and most do not believe in reincarnation or anything. So even my son at 5 has become shy about telling his stories with anyone else and also with age his memories are i am sure diminishing.

Grandson and the Cupboard Part 2

I lay down with my grandson today to make him take a nap. I started to sing a song to him and he said "my other mother sang me lullabyes." I asked him if he knew how it went and he said no. Later I asked his mommy if she uses the word lullabye and she said no. She asked him where he heard the word lullabye and he said his other mother.

Grandson and the "cupboard"Part 1

My grandson is 3 1/2 and very articulate. Today his mother was reading him a book and he said "my other mother pressed leaves." My daughter was shocked and asked him what is pressing leaves; he has never seen this done. He said you wait until they fall then smooth them out and put them in the book. He proceeded to show her using a tissue. She then asked what do you do with them? He replied "you put the book on my shelf for later." She asked what shelf and he said the one in his room at his other mother's house.

My Son Says He Used to be a Girl in his Past Life

When my son was around 3 years old (4 years ago), he told me he missed being a girl and that he had drowned in an elevator(which meant helicopter to him). I won't go into the details of the full conversation, but I completely believed him and still believe that my son was a girl in another life and was possibly in a helicopter that crashed into water where he drowned. I noticed during the next year, he showed a fear of water that he had never had before. For some reason, it took me awhile to put these two

My Son's "Ocean" Dreams

My son is now 8, but when he was 3, I was lying in his bed trying to get him to sleep and he said he fell of a boat, into the ocean and he "sinked." He went onto say, "but then I was looking from the sky and it wasn't me." At the time, we talked about it briefly, but other than that, he didn't say anything else about a boat. He once--while riding in a car when he was about four--said "Hey! That's my car!" and pointed excitedly at some hotrod type car. He was also fascinated with motorcycles and once, in a parking lot, he ran away from me and over to a parked motorcycle.

Past Life Recall Concerning My Son

Hi There! This is kinda scary because my son verified a self spontaneous past life recall...I don't recieve names..just feelings and snap images.

I was in a semi conscious state while recieving Reiki. I have three children. Perhaps I was asking the universe for details about one of my sons.

I had an image...Plane in flames...going down. Maybe at sea. He was a pilot. English. War. I had a sense that he was very good at flying. A bit of a daredevil. A happy go lucky kind of a guy.

My Three Year Old Says He Died In a Crash

I never thought that when my son was telling me he's died, that it was in reference to a past life. Last week though, he suddenly began telling us that he died when the girl crashed. We asked questions to pull out the rest. He said he'd died when Margo crashed the go-cart she was driving and in which he was a passenger. We dont know anyone named Margo and i dont think hes ever even heard the name! That's all we've gotten so far. If his sisters mention it or ask, he gets angry and says "no!".

I Was Executed

It came to me in a dream. Now, like most people, my dreams usually don't make a lick of sense. As in people suddenly turn into plants, the ground dissolves underneath me, the next minute I'm a rabbit on the moon - you know what I'm getting at.

But this dream felt more like a memory than a dream happening in the present whilst I was asleep. It's actually happened quite a few years ago, but I never thought much of it until today.

My Son is The Reincarnation of My Uncle Who Died in a Plane Crash

Hello. My son is now 10 years old. One night when he was 4 he woke up screaming. I ran into his room and asked him what was wrong. He told me he was in a small plane with another man and there are only 2 seats. He said when they got up a little in the air the wheels got caught on the power lines and he crashed and burned in the fire. I asked him what his name was and he said "Scott" (he alsoincluded the last name) Then he went back to sleep within minutes. I actually do not know if he was fully awake while telling me this thru his tears. I was very shaken.

My Prebirth Memory

Hi, my name is Eva and I'm really new to this topic. The reason I've gone searching for topics on reincarnation and such is because of a few profound things that I've expierenced. One is my three year old daughter who started mentioning her past lives but in this message I will talk about the one 'memory'and/or 'dream' that I've had that has stayed with me through out my childhood and adult life. It's as if the older I become the more stationary and vivid this memory becomes.

Son Displays Violent Actions: Is this Past Life Related?

I never believed in reincarnation until my son was born in 1998. Literally when he was born I felt "forgiven". Since then he has shown himself to be different than our other children (we have 6 and yes, by choice ). He has reached physical milestones on target but academically he was always ahead of others.

Son Talks About Sisters Death But He Has No Sister

Hi everyone. I have a five year old son who keeps telling the same story. He says he had a sister named Hershia and she died in a car accident in California. She was also pregnant and had a bad boyfriend. He has never in this lifetime had a sister and we have never lived in California. Also he talks about being pregnant with a baby in his belly and how he wants a baby sister so we bought a baby doll for him and he named her Hershia. We also have a cat who he named Hershia but since the cat is a male, we talked him into the name Hershey.

Freaked Out My Daughter's Love is Gone

I was on the net trying to read about signs of multiple personalities in children because my older daughter Elisabeth kate has been saying very strange things, and I'm talking strange enough to where she is scaring me a little. She was a late talker and the first words she spoke in sentences were rarely to me, they were to her "friend Sarah". She would talk, laugh, and play with Sarah for hours. I thought: "how odd, she has an imaginary friend" But not long after, she started telling me stories.

Niece's Revelation

The day after my niece's birthday, I was sitting down on with her at my brother's house playing Shoots and Ladders with her. She was beating me rather soundly, and I teased her about getting better in her old age. She just laughed and said rather plainly that she was older than me anyways. Thinking that she was just playing, I told her no, that I was alot older than she was.

She looked up at me and then shook her head. "You are this time, but last time I was older than you. " That surprised me quite a bit, but being a believer in reincarnation, all I said was "Really?"

Is My Son Remembering a Past Life

My son is now 7, but from approximately the age of 2 used to talk about his other mummy and daddy and that he had been to London. We have never visited the place and live no where near so we couldn't understand how he knew so much about it. Whenever we questioned him about it he would just say "not with you mummy- it was when i lived with my other mummy. This continued until he was just about to start school, when he just stopped talking about it. He now has no recognition about it.

I Knew him Before I Was Reincarnated

I usually don't post about my daughter publicly, but this is too big not to share. We don't talk a lot about reincarnation in our household, but we don't discourage or stifle any conversations brought up by children either. My daughter just turned 5.

My Daughters Bus Life

My daughter is now 24 but when she was about 3 she was always fascinated by any school bus that we passed on the road or that she saw from our home.
If we were driving and she saw a bus she would always start a conversation with "remember before you were my Mommy and I was on the bus?"

Past Life Stories From India

I'm new here and thought I'd post a curious story that appeared in a leading daily this morning.

NEW DELHI: It was almost like living a miracle for a Gujjar family based in south Delhi—a four-year-old angel called Manisha walked into their arms on the shraddh of their daughter who died about five years ago.

Manisha, the little girl, claimed that she was their deceased daughter Suman, who had died of typhoid at the age of 15 on December 14, 2000.

The infant, who apparently has vivid memories of her last birth, took to her "past-life parents" as her own.

My Son Has Said Some Weird Things

I never posted anything anywhere but I'm pretty freaked out so here goes. My son has always told us about another house that he lives in or has lived in. He's said both. I never really took him seriously but he claimed to live there with a man and his little friend Anna (who he knows from this life). It may be important to mention that we were supposed to be infertile when I became pregnant and that Anna's mother had given up on in vitro but when I got pregnant she decided to try one more time and Anna and my son are 10 weeks apart.

Son Was Abused In a Past Life

Jake is still remembering that past life of child abuse. For those of you who don't this is my sons story Jake was 4 when he told me about his "old mean mom" and how she abused him and burned him with a "smoker" and eventually she wrapped him up in a blanket or sheet and set it on fire, killing him. Jake remembers the fire and burning feeling starting on his back and that no one came to save him. He said when he finally died it was peaceful and he finally escaped. It has been almost 3 years since he started talking about it. He is very small for his age, so are we, his parents.

My Little Boy Distraught By 9/11 Footage

My son has always been very alert and happy, lively and into everything. when he was a tiny baby, before he even learnt to smile, his eyes just shone with what I can only describe as complete joy. He was early to speak and crawl, both at about 6 months of age. By 18 months he was using short sentences and I can't remember him ever being quiet. At about 7 months old, my mum handed him a wrist watch, the first time he'd ever held one.

What My Daughter Told Me About Her Past Life

I have a daughter who is almost six now. She was very calm and behaved like a very old baby from an early age. As soon as she was able to talk she started to tell me how she had a different mother before, who is still alive today but an old woman by now. Then one day she told me the whole story of her life.

What My Son Remembers

My son , ever since he could talk has always asked me if I remember when I was a little kid,and he was old. He's 7 now, and he came up to me and said, "Mom i know how it works now. We grow up. Not get younger, but I still remember you when you were a kid,and I was old. I've tried to get what he remembers out of him but he doesn't say much. He says I was his child. But my parents are still living. Does this sound like past life memories or a confused child that doesn't full understand the order of life.

Was My Daughter My Grandmother

A few times in her life my five yr old daughter has referenced what I believe to be a past life. This is what she said to me last week.

"I use to be your Nana, now I'm your kid. Nana was my baby, but I had to put her in an orphanage, because I couldnt take care of her."

Background, My Grandmother put my mother and her brother into a children's home when my mom was 8. She stayed in touch with my mother, visited her and when my mom left the home at 18, she moved back in with my grandmother. They had an off and on relationship. I knew my grandmother, but not very well.

Son Reliving Past Life Experience

I found this site because of continual strange goings on with my son. It started when he was about 18 months old and we were house hunting in Tennesee. As soon as I got him out of the car he went to the edge of a hill pointing across the valley and saying 'Help, help'. He couldn't tell me more, because at the time he was not speaking yet, only a few sounds. I picked him up and he kept on calling for help. I even called my husband over and asked what he thought was wrong. It was very strange, only to get stranger. After we looked around the property for a while we went inside the house.

Talented Daughter Displays Signs that She Is Reincarnated

When my daughter was three I was giving her a bath when she suddenly said in a very matter of fact voice, " I remember when I was a boy and I was old and sick". I was too stunned to ask her any questions but my brother died of cancer at 42 which would seem "old" to a young child. At that time I hadn't mentioned him to her because she was so young and his death four and a half years earlier was still very hard for me to talk about.

Was My Daughter French In a Past Life

We were sitting in a restaurant discussing the days' events and my daughter mentioned her history class. She said, the British burnt the White House. I said yes, that was the War of 1812. She said, that was 6 years before I was born. I said, really, where were you born? She replied that she was born in France but moved to Philadelphia when she was young and then moved to Washington DC. I asked her if she ever got back to France and she told me that yes, when she was an old lady to see the Eiffel tower when it first opened.

My Six Year Old Daughter Thinks Reincarnation Is Real

The reason I did a search to begin with was because my six-year-old daughter told me something recently that piqued my curiosity. I recently lost a very close friend. She was only twenty and was very special to me and my family. I have been trying to cope with her death as have my daughters. I was looking at pictures of my friend the other night and my daughter said to me that she thought my friend was probably already in another belly. I asked her to please sit down and type what she meant. This is what she wrote:

Past Life Or Overactive Imagination?

I am in college, and live with my aunt, uncle, cousins and Godson. The children are a 5 yr old gir, a 3 yr old girl, and a 1 yr old boy.
The three year old girl has always been...different. She can be an incredibly sweet, easy child, and she can be a complete and total handful. She can also be a little eerie at time.

My Three Year Old Shares Past Life

Hi all - I'd be grateful for some advice. Recently while on holiday my three and a half year old daughter, Ella, shared what seems to be a past life story.

Three Year Old Son and Memories

My youngest boy has been mentioning "the last time" to describe events that do not go hand in hand with his age.
"the last time when i was big, really big not just 4, i had my own computer but it was bigger than daddies (laptop) and i had a mouse, then he shows how he used it.
I asked him when the last time was?
He said when he was flying. i asked as a passenger or a pilot? He said he flew the plane but somebody else beside him did the take-off and landings. He said he flew in florida.

I Think My Son Was a Knight

My son spencer is 4 and has been talking about a person-well he says his father Johnny. It had all started when he and his daddy were coming home and he asked why he had 2 dads and johnny was one of them. My hubby said that spencer was obviously confused. He has even drawn pictures of castles and johnny on a horse. I have asked him if he misses him and he said yes,I also asked him where is Johnny and he said in a building. We live in a building and i asked if he lived here and no was the answer. he then said he is in a building behind the castle.

When Anton Was George

Hi, about 4 weeks ago me and my 3 year old son Anton were in the kitchen, i was doing a few jobs and he was chatting away to me when he started talking about when he was George. I asked him to tell me all about when he was George and he spoke to me as if I should know all about it, he said he was at Grandmas house and there was a fire and he died then was born Anton.

My Four Year Old Daughter Talks About Death

My little girl, ever since she has been able to talk has talked about death. She claims that her Mommy died when she was a baby. She also claims to talk to a friend named "konna". the first two 1/2 years of her life she would have (night terrors) screaming in her sleep like someone was killing her. We would try everything to help her but nothing worked. we would try to talk to her about her dreams but she wouldn't remember a thing.

My Daughter Told Me a Story of When She Was a Boy

Hi there - I'm very new - I just happened to find this site, as I was trying to find information on this subject following an interesting encounter with my daughter.

Strange Child Called Me Daddy

A few years ago I was working as the dispatcher for a daily newspaper.
One afternoon a delivery contractor arrived and in the vehicle with him were his wife and a young boy. The boy whose name is Ben was 3 years old, and we had not seen or heard of each other before this time.
When his mother opened the van door Ben jumped out, ran straight to me and taking my hand lead me back to his mother.
He said to his mother, "this is my other daddy, he lost me when a cart ran over me."

Dont Hurt My Shingles

My son is eight years old now, but when he was beginning to talk, he said some things that made me wonder about his past lives. Before he turned two, I started talking to him about his private parts and letting him know that only a Dr. was allowed to touch them. He was barely able to say sentences, but he said, "I usah (used to) be uh (a) docker (Dr.)." Until he was potty trained, he would say that to me every time I changed his diaper. The other thing that he said during every diaper change was, "Don't hurt my shingles!" He said this EVERY time I changed his diaper.

You Arent My First Mom

This was one of the 'strange' things my nephew said to my sister. I want to tell you a little about my family. When I was growing up I was the 'miracle baby', although both of my older siblings' births were pretty spectacular. My mother was taking diet pills and smoking, and that was about all she had a day, for the first 4 months of her pregnancy with my sister. There were no side effects present when she was born. My brother was first thought to be twins. Then, at some point his umbilical cord got tangled which saved his life when during labor is became unattached.

We are Married Mamma

This is what my 3 year old has been saying for the past few days. At first, I thought it was the typical, "I want to marry you, mommy/daddy", etc, but it's not. He has been telling me that we are already married. I have asked if we will get married, and he says, "No, we already are." I pushed the subject a little bit and asked him what married means. "Lots of people come and have cake and dance." He later added, "And you were wearing white clothes and I had black clothes on." I pushed and asked if I was wearing shorts or pants. "No, a dress. A big dress that was white."

Son Died In a Car Accident in a Past Life

My son is now 13. He relayed several memories when he was between 2 and 4 years old. I knew something was up and shared what he said with people all the time, yet never once did anyone recognize what may have been happening or said they had heard of this before - it was new to everyone. So, I didn't persue it then. I would like to try and remember the conversations better (hypnotism?) to try to put the pieces back together. I don't think my son's ready for anything like that, just me. Any suggestions?

Dreamt of My Future Son Joe

I would like to, in an objective way, as this is still all new to me, share my experiences. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had a dream one night that someone passed me a child and said 'call him Joe' so when our baby boy was born we did. Shortly afterwards when he was six weeks old we went to live in Rural Ireland, there was no television, no outside influences. from being a toddler, before he could talk, Joe would reinenact loading a gun, he would use household objects and shove things down into tubes and things and pretend to blast them off.

Did My Son Kill Me In a Past Life

Hello all, Just came across this site this tonight. My son kind of unnerved me at bedtime and I began researching. To start, when I myself was young, say 3 or so, I always claimed that I had a Japanese mother, and when I was mad at my mother, I'd say things like, "My Japanese mother never made me do that!" My dad was in the military and we spent 6 months in Okinawa, so it was not unusual that I would know that word at age 3.

Is My Cousin Really My Deceased Brother

• Hey there, I am from Holland and I would like to ask your help in something that troubles me already a while.
• 20 years ago i lost my brother in a fire in my house during the night. My mother, other brother and I survived. 8 years ago my older brother got a daughter. From day one she always stuck to my mother (her grandmother) she really got crazy when my mother tried to leave her to go home. She cried her eyes out in a manner that wasn't normal for a child of 1,5 years old(at least i thought it was weird)

Wanted to Share My Son's Memories

Hi, I'm new here! I found this site while searching for info on recalling ones past life(s) and thought I would share what my oldest son told me when he was 2-3 years old. (He is now almost 10)

My Three Year Old's Experience

I have decided to come here and tell others of the experience that I had with my 3 year old son. I would normally never have given any thoughts about past life experiences and I am not a very religious man. But after what had happened it is forcing me to re-examine my outlook on life.

My Son who Just Turned Seven Has Been Making Past Life Comments

I don't want to write a book in here, but my son (who just turned 7) has been having a lot of past life memories, beginning six months ago when we moved back to the U.S. from Germany. We had moved to Germany when my son was just 2 years old, so it was all he had known until we moved to Maryland six months ago.

Can My Grandson Be The Reincarnation of My Grandaughter

My 3yrs old grandson was born 2 yrs after the death of my granddaughter of a brain tumor. He was was born as they say as a "caul bearer" which is very uncommon in itself.

After watching my grandson one weekend while he was looking at some photos he saw a photo of his sister and stated that "yes that use to be me" I was shocked and did not have a response to that.

My Son and his Other Mother

My 5 year old son has been telling us stories of his "other family" since he was about 3 years old. I never really thought of it as anything more than just his imagination, and figured it would stop one day. But it hasn't stopped, only gotten more descriptive. I really wish that I had paid attention more closely to all of his stories, but I didn't realize what he was telling me.
Recently, though, I started paying attention.

My Childhood Experience and a few questions to answer.

I never knew that children having past lives was a pretty common thing. I find it fascinating reading these stories that are very similar to mine and would like to share what happened to me and my family during this time in my life. It all started a few weeks before my 4th birthday. My parents were trying to get me all excited about turning 4 and being a big girl and having a birthday party (like parents do!!) and it was during this time that I started telling my parents that I didn't want to turn 4.

Scared of Swimming Pools Because of Past Life Death

I just thought I'd share this with you! A few years ago we were holidaying in Cornwall with my brother-in-law and his family. We'd rented a couple of cottages and there was a swimming pool in the grounds for the use of guests. Every morning my brother-in-law, his wife, and their son and daughter used to go down to the pool for a swim before breakfast. I noticed that every morning the son, who for the sake of his privacy I'll call John, stood at least six feet away from the side of the pool and nothing on earth would get him into the water!

My Daughter Maddy's Past Life?

For a couple of years now, Maddy who is now four has mentioned a friend of hers called 'Jennica'. Every now and then she'll say 'Jennica likes this' or 'Jennica did that' etc but it isn't constantly.

I have questioned her about Jennica. (We don't know a Jennica.) Jennica lives on a mountain. Her dad's name is Rowland or Rownan or something like that. He has yellow hair and brown skin (like daddy's - in other words, he has a tan). Jennica's mum has white skin and brown hair like mine, and eyes the same colour as mine (hazel), according to Maddy.

Was I Reincarnated?

I recall quite distinctly that when I was a child I went into my mother’s room and I saw that she was painting her room. She tells me that I was probably dreaming as she painted THAT ROOM YEARS BEFORE I WAS BORN! But I recall every little detail of that experience. I also have memories of being "kidnapped" I still have nightmares about it. It was so dark, lonely and frightening. Like nothing happy would ever come out of the world again.

Feeding Mommy

Hi ! so , currently i am 16 years old , but my mom has told me that around the age of 2 , i was sitting in a highchair getting fed and i looked at her and said " mommy ! i remember feeding you like this when you were a baby" she looked at me in shock and said " becka , you never fed me as a baby you're just a baby yourself !" i looked at her , laughed and said " your silly i remember feeding you , just like this ! i grabbed the spoon and tryed to feed her .

Strange Little Girl Said She Was My Father

When I was 9 my father died in a car accident. I was really upset about it for years but eventually managed to kinda block it out of my head. Anyway, i was at the movies with a friend when i was 19 and when we were going in, a little girl ran up to me shouting that she used to be my dad and that she missed me and not to forget. She looked around 10 years old but I'm not sure.... She was with an older woman who apologised and told me the girl had mental issues. I had never seen them before, and i have never seen them since. I still wonder about that a lot!

I Spoke French in My Sleep as a Child

This happened when I was in third grade, as reported by my mother. She came in one morning around 6:00 to wake me up for school, and I started pleading with her to turn off the light and to let me sleep for ten more minutes; a pretty mundane event, save for the fact that I spoke to her entirely in French-- accent and all.

My 3 yr. old says she was beaten & buried in a school Yard

My 3 year. old has done everything early by 1&1/2 she was telling a pretty detailed story of being beaten & buried when she was 5 by class mates & a teacher. I don't have a clue where she could have gotten any ideas like that! She does not talk about it as much anymore but she still insists she has a mean friend named Kayla? We don't know a Kayla. Sometimes she brings up horrible stories of people being beaten and bleeding I am worried about her starting pre-school next year. She is very matter of fact. She does not sound scared. She talks about being 5 alot?

Son talking in another language with memories

Hi! My son, Jake, is now 6 years old. At age 4 he told of a past life filled with abuse, which I have posted before. The other day Jake came in my room at 5am and was laying down with me when I heard him whispering to himself in what sounded like Japanese (or something oriental, i think).

My 5 year old son says he died in a house fire

My 5 year old son, who since the age of about 3 had started talking casually about his other house and his other mummy, he used to get very frustrated when we didn’t understand what he was going on about, he would say 'you know !' He used to get so annoyed with us. He has described a fire in his home, where his sister, he and his mother perished. (we don’t have a daughter)He describes that his mother was in bed and he was outside in the garden.

My Eldest Son's Memories

First a little background about the two of us. I have three sons but have always been particularly close with my oldest son. Part of this is likely due to the fact that he was born when I was in graduate school and I was able to schedule myself in such a way that I stayed home with him most of the week while his mother worked but I really felt strongly bonded to him since he was born. Anyways, when he was almost two and just started talking he looked at me and said "I remember when we were riding horses and brown people were chasing us.

My Son Tells Of His Previous Life

My son who was 3 or so at the time was often times telling me he had been or was cut , saying "dad ...I got cuts" As he said this he would make slicing motions , both, across the stomach and using both hands would demonstrate being slashed up each side of the groin area at both crooks of his legs.

He also had a strange response when seeing any knives and oddly policemen. which he was quite obviously in awe of, and sirens too as I remember.

This of course did not make sense to me until later.

My Son Waited For Us

I can just tell you my own personal experience with this (which is what initially led me to learn about past-life experiences).
When our son was around 18-24 months he told my husband and I (out of the blue) that he had waited a long time to come down to us. He said he waited and watched us for a very long time in heaven until we were ready.
I was stunned to say the least but I asked him to tell me more. He went on to tell me that he would sit and watch us and waited until we were ready for him. He said once we were ready he came down to us.

I Remember Choosing My Parents

I remember picking my parents and I've been telling my mom about it since I was able to talk. I call the place I remember the "inbetween place." I was 5 years old and I was with a man that looked about 35. The place is really white on the floor and ceiling and it's about the size of a large living room. The "whiteness" on the floor and ceiling fades into pitch darkness. There are things that look like machines there and I remember one you lay in.

My Brother Was My Sons Father in a Previous Life

I have an eight year old son who up until 3 years ago talked about his other mummy and daddy. I was very aware that when he was telling me about himself he would talk about himself in the third party.

The Reincarnation of Peter Thomas Francis Provis

This is the story of my younger son or the child who chose to conveniently be born through me. It seems that my second son was a female with a male heart transplant in her past life, due to having heart disease through a childhood trauma of being a runaway orphan from a children's home.

My Daughters Past Life Murder

Hello all. I have been reading here for awhile and thought that I would share what my daughter went through. It is hard for me to tell this as the only people that believed this was our family,and only because they witnessed it.

My Baby Girl Remembers Her Mother Dying

Hi there, About a week ago, my 3 year old woke up at 2 a.m in tears crying for her mummy, I immediately ran to her, and replied im here sweety, it okay.... and i spent the next few minutes calming her down. She then completely freaked me out by saying, no i want my other mummy, not you!!!!

How Can I Help My Son

Hi everyone, I am new to this site, I found it trying to find help for my 8 year old son. I am sure I am a typical parent and have typical children and one exceptional child also. I need to find out how to help my Son Daniel to live with his past life.

The In-Between

Hi there...this is my first time posting and I'm very new to this subject, so forgive me for not really knowing what I'm talking about. My boyfriend believes in past lives and I badly want to.
...I do have one memory that I'm a little confused with. I have remembered this my entire life. Even as a child I told my mother I remember this. I remember what seems to me to be the in-between, between lives.

My Son Recalls His Family And That They Died In A Fire

I believe I have a special child. I don't know if he is like me, but we have a special bond. Since he was 2 yrs old, it seems as if he would talk to someone. We just did not think anything of it. Until, he said I want to go see my mom. I said I am your mom. He said my mom before you were. I asked him what was her name he said Angie. He also told me how she looked She had blonde hair and blue eyes. He said Mommy, what happened to my blue eyes and my blonde hair? I didn't know what to think of it I told my husband he spoke to our son and he told the same thing to daddy.

Niece Talks in Detail About a War

I have a seven year old niece that is far smarter than other children her age. Along with excessively enjoying war documentaries and movies she talks in detail about The Battle of the Black Sea, known to everyone else as Black Hawk Down or the American war against Somalia in 1993. We have not let her watch the movie Black Hawk Down yet so everyone is unaware of how she knows such details of this war.

Where Did You Come From?

One thing my mother (who is enormously gifted with ESP and some sort of "other knowing")does is ask very young children "Where did you come from?"

She is sure to ask this at an age when the child is just a toddler, just learning to verbalize their thoughts. The answers she gets are always shocking, touching, or both.

Diary of My Grandsons Past Life Memories

When my grandson was about 4 years old he was in the car with my daughter and his 9 year old brother. While waiting for me to get home from work they were riding around the neighborhood. He commented on a house on a little used street as being where Mary A. lived. It was explained that we knew no Mary A. and no one who lived it that house. He said Mary A. had lived there and he had been there. He said she had been stabbed once and they had bandaged it but she was ok. He said she had a stone in the cemetery (which is right around the corner) but she had not died yet.

Memories of My Three Year Old Nephew

Ok people, here is one for you to sink
your teeth into.

My father died in May of 1999. My nephew was
born in May of 1998 (Yes, one year almost to
the day of the time my dad died)

Up until now I have been "skeptical" of
reincarnation but after this experience I am
about to tell... I am much closer to
accepting it as true.

My Grandson Has Come Back

This coming will be six years since I lost my two grandsons in a car accident. Rocky was 19 & Tommy was 15. Shortly after their deaths I began having very clear messages from them. Thoughts in my mind. They told me so much that came true. But the one thing they said about my daughter having another son in the near future, and that he would be special.

Fading Reincarnation Memory

This is my first post here. For many years I was never able to get anyone to take me seriously, so I was very glad to find this site.

Little Yogi

Before our daughter was born and before she had any idea that she was pregnant, my wife had a strong dream that she went to India to pick up a dying old man´s soul to help him pass on to a new existence.
She spoke to his family who gave her their permission. When she woke up she knew she was pregnant.

Daughter's Nightmares

Hi all, this has happened a number of times within the past year. My daughter, who is now 3, has woken into what develops into a very fearful state. we share a bed, so i have been very close to her physically each time. thanks to the moon or a reading light, it has always been light enough for us to see clearly. anyways, in each instance, she would wake and call for "mom" in a rather calm voice. i would respond telling her i was right there. but when she looked at me, she would become more distressed and call again for "mom".

Sons Memory of Death

My son is almost 13 now and has no memory of this but when he was 3 and we would be driving down a hill near our home he would tell me a very detailed account of how he died in an accident on that road. He described a white pick-up truck and showed me where it went off the road. There is a ditch there and he would say how the truck was not found for several days. Later that same year we were driving past a bar at the top of the hill where he says he had his accident.

Son Remembers Dying

When my son was very young, 6ish, I was talking to my son about his uniqueness because if his daddy and I had not married, he would not be here. He replied that was not right, because he remembered when he died before. I was dumbfounded. I am a Christian, but very open-minded,so I asked him questions to draw out more of his memories. All he remembered, was being on a battlefield with a helmet on, men were behind him, and tents, and it sounded like they were ambushed and he was shot. That's all he remembers.

Past Life Proof?

I have only taken interest in this topic since the following happened to me on 31st August this year.
In the course of my work I measure up vehicles for making dog cages to fit precisely.
Customers visit us and bring their car, I measure up in all directions and for the purpose I have made a useful gadget that when placed on the floor of the car boot gives me a right angle, from which I can take measurements.

Grandchild's Rememberance

Hi....I just found this site. It's great. I read over a lot of the posts the other day, and I will read more in a few minutes. I don't have a "lot" to say, but just one thing that happened a few yrs ago. So where should I start? Ok - I had a most favorite great aunt on my dads side. Her name was Rose. I used to visit her quite often when I was age 12 to 18, and then I moved further away. She was an old polish lady and I would visit her at night. Every Friday she would wash the kitchen floor on her hands and knees and every Sat. she would bake. She was close to 80 yrs old at that time.

Can it really be possible that my son remember things from his past life?

My son is 5 years old. Since he was very little he has talked a lot about the way he died. He says that he was placed on a grave yard, but he didn't like it there so "he went up". What does that mean? He also says that he doesn't like to dream. Could that be memories from a past life that haunts him? He is normally a very harmonic and sweet child.

My Two Children are Old Souls

Hi Everyone, My son is 7 years old and started talking about his life 'before' when he was about 3, he would describe the house he lived in, his family and mention that he helped people. If I encouraged him to speak about it, he would just smile and say no more.

Waiting to Inhabit my Body at Birth

Here's a little food for thought, take it as you will--I don't even know what I think of it.
I was born two weeks early, after 32 hours of labor, via C-section because I had stopped breathing. My nose/trachea/lungs had become entirely clogged with mucus. The doctor said if I had come a second later I wouldn't have made it.
So here's the weird part:
I remember it. Sort of.

My Son Has Returned?

I am an American who has lived in Israel since I was 14. Now I'm in the Netherlands (just to introduce myself). My first born son, Yarden, was born just over 8 years ago. At the age of 2 he contracted cancer, and underwent many treatments and operations until he finally died at the age of 4 (Sept. 26th, 1998). He was an amazing child, so full of optomism and positive energy. He fought his illness with enormous strength and a broad smile, and lots of laughs. He had an infectious giggle that would always cause me to laugh too.

When I Lived With God

I just got done watching a television documentary on A&E called Beyond Death which I found very fascinating! They did a segment on reincarnation and children and interviewed Carol Browning who gave her website.

Interesting Chat With a Four Year Old

Hi, My 4 yr old daughter has communication problems and development delay, also has some autistic tendencies. She has never mentioned a past life but recently began to understand the concept of before, after, big, little etc.. and recently her communication has improved. Yesterday I decided to ask her who she was before and was quite shocked by her response. She told me she was a man called Joel (we do not know anyone of this name) and she used to walk upstairs and wash in the "tub" again a word we never use we live in uk.

Was She Remembering a Past Life or Not

I have recently had an interesting experience and need feedback. I have been working this Summer at a Head Start program, filling in for staff who need to be absent. Last week I worked in one of the preschool rooms for the first time. (Most of my time has been spent with the kids under three.) Immediately after i walked in the door on the first day one of the little girls in this room was my constant shadow and was overly interested in being with me as much as possible.

My Daughter Believes in Reincarnation

Firstly, I have always known that there is a higher something than us, and I mean from a very young age, I would lay in bed just.......knowing. My family is not in the slightest bit religious, and I don't equate those feelings with the traditional sense of 'God'. Anyhow, I would sometimes come across snippets of information on varying topics, reincarnation included, which would make me think, and sort of affirm the feelings I had had inside for so long. I then read a book called 'Many Lives, Many Masters' I think, about seven years ago.

My Son Has Vivid Memories Of When He Was Older

G'Day All,
My 4 year old son, Blake, is recalling memories from when he was older and known as "George something" (he has difficult trying to pronounce the last name but tries to say the same type of name each time). We don't really know any other Georges, so I am really intrigued.
I don't believe in religion or reincarnation as such, but am struggling to explain what I am seeing my son do.

My Father Reincarnated is My Son

My story is long but I would like to share it with all of you. I have a very special and mature 8 year old boy who I am convinced was my father.

Daughters Violent Memories

My daughter is three soon to turn four. She has always had difficulty sleeping as an infant. She fought it with a passion and it has only been in the past year that she actually sleeps through the night. Well today she shared some interesting information with me that might explain her fears.

My Daughters Other Mother

Hi I am writing from England, hope someone can help. My four year old daughter has talked about her real mum who she misses and loved very much, she said she has died now and was killed by something coming from a gun! Then a man came and took her out of a car and walked with her to a "shop" where she chose me to be her next mum! MY daughter is very upset when she talks about it and worrys that someone might do the same to me! Every time she talks about it she says her mums name was Rainbow.

My Son Said He Used To Be Big

Hi, I'm new here and new to past life stuff. My son is nearly 4 and for a while has been saying he is scared of growing big. I have always asked him why, but he has only ever said 'just because'. He would be hysterical and refuse to eat if people said 'this will make you grow Big and strong' etc
Recently he shed some more light on it, which has led me to here.

My Three Year Old Drowned in a Past Life: Asked How He Got This Body

My three year old son had always been afraid of water he could not stand in-even if I was holding him. We would get very upset if his brother or *sister (her "memories" recorded as Baby in Scotland from 1/22)put their head underwater. A few months ago, we were out of town for a funeral. The hotel we stayed at had a pool. I stepped outside the outer door to let the dog out, my son tried to lock me out and ran out the door to the hall. I found him outside the glass enclosure of the pool just staring at it. We returned to the reception following the funeral.

My Son's Swimming Phobia

I am from New Zealand. I want to tell you about my youngest child, Jonty, now aged 5. When he was a baby he hated going swimming, although he didn't mind having a bath. At the pool he would cling to me and resist floating alone with a ring or arm bands. One day, aged around 3, he told me about the little boy who was eleven. This child drowned, Jonty explained. He had "gone out too far" and drowned. I was not sure how to respond and muttered something about that being very sad. Jonty ignored me and ran off to play.

Grandaughter's Stories

My granddaughter has talked about her other family since she
was 3 1/2 years old, she is now 5 and I get new and more detailed information all the time. She talks about her other mom and dad and her 5 sisters and 1 brother. Last nite she told me they are all buried together in a large hoe. That is the first time she told me she died too. She will give me some names and general information about all of them, the most disturbing is that they were all murdered including her! She shows little emotion when talking but does say she misses them.

My Three Year Old Daughter May Be Having Past Life Memories

It seems as though my 3 year old daughter has been having a past life memory of sorts. For example, she has been saying the word "hunt" over and over again and even putting it in the place of everyday words. I'm really mind boggled about it because neither me nor my husband recall saying the word hunt around her. She couldn't have seen it on TV because no one has ever watched her except for myself or my husband. She has also repeatedly told my husband and I that she "misses her hunt." I don't know what this could mean.

When I Was a Woman

My son Colby was only 14 mos old when he told me his spirit guide "weesha" was in his closet, watching over him. He was happy about this. When he was 18 mos., he told me her name was Alicia. He said he'd known her for a long time. I am a spiritually centred person, so I supported and encouraged him to talk about her. I also wrote it all down. In this same time period, he would tell me about his son, Toby, and say "when I was a woman, I used to have a garden, and my favorite dress was yellow w/white polka dots.

My Daughter's Past Life Visions and Experiences

Ahhhh finally, a place where I can share all of the experiences we have had!! My daughter, who is twenty now, had a number of what I am sure were past life visions when she was a small child. She was the one that caused me to start researching all of it seriously. It was either that or wonder what on earth was wrong with my child??!!!

An Interesting Incident

Reading about children who remember their past lives has made me recall an incident that happened a year ago while at work. I used to work for a very small company (just 4 of us) and my former boss's wife used to come in once in a while with her 4 year old son. One day she told us an 'amusing' story about Ollie (their son). They had been having some work done on their house for the past several months when a new contractor, who already was an acquaintance of the family took over the project.

Not Sure How to Explain My Daughter's Memories

Hi Everybody
Timing is everything I truly believe, I have just spent the past two weeks listening to my 3 1/2 year old daughter, Kelly, speak repeatedly and so matter of fact about having had a life before this one to have just been watching Lifetime TV and the reruns of Unsolved Mysteries and there was a segment on Carol and the children and their remembering past lives. I have just written her almost this same letter, but wanted to write here too, to get some help, suggestions, comments.

Past Life Memories of My Son

When my son was about 3 years old, he told me that 'long time ago' he had an older brother. First I corrected him and said, no you have an older sister, but he insisted that he had an older brother, and that I was not there, and that they lived in a brown house and had to go up a bit to reach it (on a hill?). He said his older brother took care of him, it was just the two of them there, and on the house was 'me-moon-saal'.

Do You Remember When I Was a Baby and You Couldn't Hear Me When I Was Talking

Ever since my son learned to speak full sentences, he would ask once in while "Do you remember when I was a baby and you couldn't hear me when I was talking," or "Mommy remember when we went to the park but not the park that we always go to and there were people there that..."
I must say that I did not pay too much attention to any of this until I read a book about reincarnation. I do believe that the soul lives on, but just never thought that my child would have someone's soul, or so to speak.

My Little Boy's Memories

Hi. My little boy is just two and a half and lately he is freaking out about a "fireman" on the wall in his bedroom. It's starting to freak me out too (of course I can't see it.)

Anyway, I ask him why he is afraid of the fireman and he says "He keeps putting me in the water and I can't get out." So I ask why he's putting him in the water - I ask if he's mean - he says "No, he's nice, but he keeps putting me in the water and i wanna get out."

So I ask him what kind of water "hose, pool, river?" and he says "No, not those - just big water."

Granddaughter Used To Live on Mocha Island

I wanted to share this with everyone but not everyone whom I know is open to it. So my sister sent me this link. Thank you sis. My 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter started speaking about a place called Mocha Island a few months ago. We all just disregarded it at first but as time went on she was insistent that we listen...So we did. She said that she used to live on Mocha Island, that the rain burned her eyes very bad. (She has always been terrified of water).

My Daughter Mellissa's Other Mom

I am hoping that someone could possibly help.
My daughter Melissa (now aged seven) has had past life memories since she could talk.

Teacher Spooked By My Daughters Past Life Story

When my daughter was in 1st grade, (she is now 13) her teacher approached me one day after school quite shaken. I asked what was the matter and where was my child (her demeanour frightened me, I thought surely something had happened to my daughter). She asked if I was my daughters real mother. I said yes of course I am! Why? What is going on? She said well, today during class, your daughter started telling the class how she saw her real mom and dad get killed by her aunt. She said she was hiding under the bed and that her aunt killed her mom, her dad and then her aunt killed herself.

Three Year Old Brandon's Past Life Memories

My son, Brandon turned 3 years old on Sept. 3,2001. It was around that time that he began telling me incredible tales about how he died when he was big. Any parent of a young child would be surprised to hear the gruesome tale of dying that my son shared with me not only once but several times. I believe he and I were having some quiet time together while the other children were napping when he told me that a man shot him and he died. Of course I was stunned and immediately began to think of where he could have gotten this story from. So I asked him what happened.

Sons Comments on Past Life Memories

Hi! I discovered this site this evening, and found the stories to be very interesting. I have been thinking about comments my son Hayden has said over the past few months, and wanted to compare my stories to others and gain some feedback.

My Son Ben's Past Life Memory: Age 8

I have always known that my eldest son Ben was special. He has a special "wisdom" about him, so I must admit that what he shared with me isn't surprising and might be nice to share.

Daughter's Rhiannon Memory

Children are so amazing in so many different ways....One of which is their natural way of making everything so "matter-of-factly"...
Putting my daughter Rhiannon (6~going on 12) to bed one night last week~ she says to me.....Mom, you know that we chose to be here~ we float around until we find a home~ then we make the promise (?) we know that when we do come down we will loose all our magik...but we do not care because we love this home.

Nazi In My Past Life

I'm 13, and I was a Nazi in my past life.
I have a theory that maybe some people have a strong connection with a certain place. All my memories from different lives (the Nazi one being the strongest by far) all take place around central Europe. I know I was guillotined in another life, because I so much have to see one or hear the word guillotine and I start sweating. I've been like this since I was a kid - I still can't stand to see characters get decapitated in horror movies. I've even had nightmares where I've felt myself being strapped to the machine...

My Daughter Said She Chose Me

I just have a cute story to share about my kids. Earlier today my 2 year old was mad at me because I wouldn't giver her her sisters toast. She told me that she didn't like me and that I was "stupid". At that my 4 year old looked over at her and said,"Well dummy, YOU chose her to be your mama!" To which my 2 year old said, "No I didn't!" The older one said, "Yes you did, Taniah. We ALL do!"
Then she looked at me with her big blue eyes and said sweetly, "Mama, I'm glad I chose you. And I'm glad I picked your name to be Tammy. "Your the best Mom I ever had!!"

Strange Experience On a Train

I was on a train with my daughter Becky who was 31/2 at the time. It was a journey we have taken often. We were looking out the window and saw a cemetery. My daughter suddenly said that's where they put dead people. (she had never seen a cemetary before). She then said "when I was a little girl before a man killed me" I asked her when and she said "a long time ago". She went on to talk about getting married in a church. It was very strange at the time and she has not talked about it since. She is now just 4 and said to me the other day that her other Grandad calls her Gingernut.

Tell Them and They Will Remember

I'm the oldest of nine children and because of vivid memories of a past life (since probably my birth) I've studied reincarnation and believed in it. As each child in the family is born, I whisper into their ears hours after birth to remember who they are. Amazingly, almost every child in the family can remember a past life. I'll start with Helena's story since I saw a story about Helena Rose and that's my nieces name.

Daughters Irish Past Life

I would love some help on an issue I have no idea how to deal with. I have a seven-year-old daughter, Lily. She's extremely bright and quite normal socially, but something has been bothering me and a friend of mine thinks it might have to do with a past life of hers.

My Son Said He Was in The Army in 1969

My 4 year old son Jonathon told me that he was in the Army in 1969. He told me the clothes he wore and in detail about crawling through a swamp. Then "there was a loud BOOM, and that was the end of me." He told me later that there were some funny stories about being in the Army too and he'd "have to tell me some of them sometime.
He talks about a personal relationship with "Baby Jesus" and has told me about being in Heaven and choosing me and his dad to be his parents. I've never let on that it scares me. He just seems to know SO much!

My Daughter Has Visions of Past Life Memories

I'm so happy to have found this website! A co-worker of mine turned me on to Carol's 1st book, after I told her about all the challenges I was having with my oldest daughter (she's 4). From the second she was born, I looked into her eyes and said 'she looks like an old soul'. At about the age of two she started to wake up screaming in the middle of the night, more often than not. only, she would never quite completely wake up. She'd look past me, not recognizing me, not letting me touch or comfort her. It'd take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes to calm her down.

Past Friend Revisiting

My 4 year old has been getting spooked lately. He talks about bad guys, like every kid does. In our house, he was walking down the stairs and halfway down, he turn around and shot up the stairs like a bolt of lightening and jumped on top of me. He was breathing really heavy. He was scared.

My 3-year old suddenly starts talking about his "old" family

All of a sudden my 3-year old started talking about his "old" family. It all started when older daughter was talking about magicians. My 3-year old told me that he saw a magician once up in the clouds. He was with a lot of other children. There were no adults. There was a magician doing magic tricks for the children. He liked it when the magician would pull a rabbit out of his hat and then it would turn into a ghost and float away. All the children would laugh.

My Child Remembers Having Past Life Memroies

My son started talking about about being talking about one life in particular about a year ago. He is now 4 1/2 years old. He talked about being my present mother's teacher. He said that it was a one room school house scenario because there wasn't a town around. The school was held at his home (a white building)because he was the teacher at the time.

This is what they did for school when my present grandfather was a kid growing up in a ranching community. We never talked about it since my son was born. There was no other way that he could have known about it.

France Baby

I have a two year old grandson who tells us of the time when he was what he calls a "France baby", and says that he had the same mommy then, and asks her to "talk France talk" to him! All she could accommodate him with was to repeat "oui,oui"

Did My Son Speak in Another Language or Is it Baby Talk

I am so glad I have found this site. I have been reading some of the past posts, and am utterly fascinated. I don't quite know where to begin ... Before our son was born, we were told we likely wouldn't be able to conceive. I'll spare the details, but let's just say that during the time I was being told this, I was utterly devastated. I had experienced a previous miscarriage, and had a dream that my mother was holding a baby who looked to be about 6 months old (the age our miscarried baby would have been had he/she been born).

My Son Talks About Getting Beat up- Past Life Memories

My son is always talking about the boys that beat him up bad and made him go away and never never come back. He at times gets really animated hitting himself on his head and chest to show me what they did. He also was born with a scar on his chest below his right breast. Now what makes me not sure on weather this is his imagination or this is what happened is that he sees these boys in his room at times and becomes terrified and we have to turn on the light for him and at times block one corner of the room.

Is My Friend Reincarnated as My Son?

I must start by saying that this is the first time that I've had the nerve to come forward and start questioning things that I've been taught not to as a child of Roman Catholic parents. I have an overwhelming need to know and I'm hoping you all can help. I have a friend who I went to high school with 16 years ago. Unfortunately, he was killed in the line of duty as a police officer about 6.5 years ago. I was pregnant with my first son at the time and completely devastated by his death.

My Son Remembers Dying In the Navy From a Shark Bite

Since my son could talk, he has told about a "when I worked on the ship". He was always very excited about palm trees and ships-? (we live in PA). At the age of two he often spoke of "working on the pipes on the boat" - while in the bathtub. Over time, he spoke of being in the Navy, "the 'old' Navy, not when Dad was in" (his dad was in the Navy- did NOT work on pipes, and was stationed in the Mediterranean - not the Pacific). He has given us detailed accounts of a ship...the colors it was painted the colors of tile, etc.

Two Year Old Reincarnated Hindu?

I'd just like some advice/opinions really. My son is now 2 years and 3 months old. Although I've always been interested in the supernatural and reincarnation, etc., I'm the sort of person who doesn't believe something unless I see evidence of it with my own eyes, yet I've always had a strange feeling that my son has been here before. People have always agreed with me that it's like he has an "old soul", because he's always been quite mature, even as a little baby.

My Child Talks About Dying in The Oklahoma City Bombing

This is a bit of a story, but my five year daughter has recently started talking about what could only be the Oklahoma City bombing. This is not a surprise, she has been talking past life stuff since she was three and my other two girls also did, but this is different to me b/c it is so much in the present.

My Daughter Told Me She Was My Mother in a Previous Life

This is so strange but my daughter, when she was around 2 or so, used to tell me constantly that I was her baby before. I thought it was an odd thing to say but I thought she was just kind of role-playing with me. I honestly didn't think much about it until I ran across something online about same family reincarnation. And this site...a lot of this just sounds really familiar. I have no idea what to think about it now.

My Son Was My Grandfather

I am a 48 year old mother of a 7 year old boy. My son began telling me when he could first talk, around the age of 1 1/2 - 2 yrs old, that he was my grandfather, and I was his grandaughter. He told me details of where we lived that sounded like a war-torn village. I asked him where my parents were, and did I have brothers and sisters? He said that they had all died. I asked him what we did and whether or not we were happy and had fun together? He said we were very happy together and laughed a lot, and we gardened together, which we have never done in this life together at that point.

Possible Mother-Son Reincarnation in the Same Family

On October 17, 1989, gave birth to a beautiful-but ill-little boy.
His nickname was Jay, and he was diagnosed as having cystic fibrosis. Jay had two older sisters from that same marriage, as well. As he grew into a slender blonde-haired boy, he was full of insight, wisdom, and spirituality that was beyond his young years. He was always interested in what happened to the spirit after death-and about Heaven, God, and religion. We never

My Two Year Old Daughter's Past Life Memory

My 2yr old has had a lot of interesting things to tell me! It started a couple of months ago. She got up one morning and hugged me and said, “I all grown up!" and I thought how cute. She has cute things to say so I just humoured her. I asked her if she could drive a car then. She laughed and said, “No cars there mommy!" And I, of course, asked her where, no cars where? She responded with, “When I Mary." My daughter's name is Dakota! I thought maybe she said married, but when I questioned her she said it was her name. I told her doesn't she know her name is Dakota! She said, “Now I Dakota.

My Daughter Was a Grandma In a Past Life

My little daughter began to talk before her 2nd birthday. She told me that she used to be 'a grandma' and that her name was 'Rosie and Ellie'. She said she had a husband and that he always came home dirty and she had to help him wash and had to clean his clothes. She also told us about her dog, he was black and white and lived in the yard, but she used to let him into the house. We were really startled by all this, but i took it as evidence of re-incarnation. My husband said he believed it was 'inherited memory'.

My Daughter Insist She Was My Mother In a Past Life

My 3 year old daughter has, since she has been able to speak, insisted that she was my mother. She repeats this at least monthly to me. Usually she says something like, "When you were my age, I was your mommy," or "When you were a little girl, I used to change your diaper."

I Was My Mommy's Mommy

I have an sister who is four and a half years older than myself. When she was about two and a half, my mom began to hear crying in the night that seemed to be coming from outside the window. She would wake my dad, who didn't hear it and check on my sister, who wasn't crying. This happened regularly, although not frequently, until I was conceived. Then it suddenly stopped. At age three or so, I began to approach my mother asking if she remembered "when I was the mommy," "when I used to give her her bath and tuck her in," and that kind of thing. When I started preschool, it stopped.

Reincarnation Within The Same Family

I have read this site for a while as some strange comments have started coming from my daughter. However we have hit some new areas, as well as my youngest son seeing angels or spirits, so I figured it was time to register. My daughter is going to be 4 in a month. She spoke in complete sentences and phrases at 15-18months. Since then she has been the second mother in the house. She likes to do housework, get drinks and meals, and all the other mommy duties. She has always been very attached.

Childhood Past Life Memories

When I was a toddler, I felt as though everyone knew that they would grow up and start over again. I remember that is what happend to me and thought everyone had the same type of memory. When I started telling my mother about what I looked like when I was older, this at somewhere around the age of 3-4, I realized she didn't know what I was talking about. I did not attach the word death with it and had no Idea one had to die to start over, I thought that you just got older then it just happend one day that you become a baby again.

My Sons Early Past Life Memories and Imaginary Friend

Since my middle son was about two, he engaged in constant conversation with his "imaginary" friend, "Thomas". I would ask my son if Thomas was his friend. Incredulously, he would reply, "No mom, he's my brother." At first, I just shrugged it off to common childhood imagination.

My Daughter Spoke of Family in a Past Life

lead to the idea of past lives. In one conversation we had while I was playing with her hair I had made it look victorian, all swooped up..She said " I look just like my sister" and she used some name like fiona, or penelope..I can't remember but it had occurred to me that it was a very old fashioned name that is completely uncommon now..Oh, at the time she was an only child..

Granddaughters Birth Mark

My mother-in-law had an accident as a little girl and had a piece of blue glass embedded under her left eye. One had to look very hard to see the blue mark. She was very close to my daughter and myself. After she died suddenly with an heart attack, Emily was born. Emily has a natural blue mark in the same spot as my mother-in-law. We asked the doctors what it could be. He said it is a simple mark that he doesn't understand. My daughter and I both know that it is Carlene born again. Emily and I are very close and share many empathic gifts.

My 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter is obsessed with the bagpipes, Could She Be Scottish?

My 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter has loved the bagpipes since she was just a wee thing. I own a Scottish shop and am very active in the Scottish community here in Texas and so Kayla has access to festivals, music, videos,etc which involve the pipes. Her love is so intense though, I suspect a past life as a piper. When listening to the pipes either in person or on tape or video, she does finger movements as if she's playing the pipes and she taps her foot in time just as pipers do.

My 21 Month Old Daughter Has Lived Before

My 21 month old daughter has lived before. She has a huge vocabulary, but won't say her name - Kendra. Her name is Jaju. "I'm Jaju!" she says. A few weeks ago she stood in the kitchen and very forcefully said. "I want to go home. Jaju wants to go home. Home to the mountain. Jaju wants to go home to the mountain." "Kendra we are home." "NO! Jaju wants to go home to the mountain!" Once DH asked her why she picked us to be her parents and she said, "friend." So who knows. I have come to believe in reincarnation. We do think Kendra must have lived on or near a mountain.

I Think My Friends Son Knew Me in Another Life

Jeffrey is a baby I kept from the time he was 4 1/2 months old until he was 4 yrs old. His dad was a cop and mom a police dispatcher. They worked at night and would drop Jeffrey off at my apartment at10pm and pick him up at 6am. I always held him and hugged him and said "Jeffrey, you're so sweet, where do you come from?" I believe in reincarnation and believe babies choose their parents between lifetimes. Anyway, as he got older, 1-2 years, I would tell him again how sweet he was and "where do you come from".

Daughters Rebirth Memories

My daughter who is now a young adult and does not remember what I am going to say. Before she was two, she asked if I would like to know what she was before she was my daughter. I answered, sure. She stated she was a zoo keeper in the north pole. She said the weather was like here in California. She feed the elephants, tigers and penguins nuts, cheese and leaves. She also stated I was there also, but not her mother. Then she stated that the elephants did not look like the elephants do today.

My Past Life Memories as a Child

When I was about 4 or 5, I remember having dreams about being a small boy that was also about 4 or 5. I recall in the dreams being in a place that wasn't "home", being with someone I knew, but not too well ... the place looked like a small apartment building, or a Hotel. To make a long story short, I dreamt the man who "I knew, but not too well" beat me to death in one of the hotel rooms in front of a girl that I think was my older sister... I excused this as a recurring nightmare and went on with my life...

My Five Year Old Daughter Is Having Memories

I was reading just a little today because my daughter, who will be 6 in June, for the past few months has been saying things that have both my husband and myself thinking. The first thing, like another post I read today, is she should have "never" been according to science. My husband was told he had less than a 1% chance of conceiving a child..our Angel, Taylre, is that 1% chance! and I thank God everyday!!!

My Son Says He Was a Mommy

When my son Zac was 2 yrs old WE were driving home from preschool one day and he told me that when he was a mommy he didnt drive a car. I asked him when was he a mommy and he just said, Oh it was a long time ago.

Roman Death

When I was about 3 I remember having a clear notion in my mind of a particular death. I got the neighbor girl to act it out with me as a game and I never altered the variables or story of the game. I don't remember the memory so clearly now as an adult, but I remember the game and the story I told then. I have glimpses of the picture I saw then. I was tied to two boards like a crucifixion, but I didn't know of it at the time. A roman soldier (I knew he was roman at three) crossed me then (this is gory so if you have a weak stomach don't read on) and slit my stomach.

My Son Says He Was a Mountain Climber in His Past Life

About 2 years ago, my then 5 year old son, straight out of the blue said "When I lived with my other mommy my name was Mountain Climber." This astounded me. We were driving in the car and we live in an area of majestic bluffs. He was looking out the windows at the bluffs. Now, I have never worked with children in PLR and did not talk to the kids about what I do. They have just never been interested! I have done basic relaxation techniques at bedtime with my son, which never proved to be very successful. He has an EXTREMELY active mind, which brings me to the topic of this post.

My Niece's Strange Story

I just heard a strange story from my sister.
It seems that out of the blue in the past few weeks, her daughter (four years old) has been saying some strange things.

My niece is a very smart little girl. She has an amazing vocabulary for a four year old, and she always talks very properly. My sister said that one day they were sitting in the living room and her daughter told her a story. She said a long time ago she was cooking marshmallows in her oven and her house caught on fire. Then she said that the angels cut a hole in her ceiling and took her out.

My Four Year Old Grand Daughter Talks About Husband and Children From Her Past Life

My 4-year old granddaughter likes to talk about her husband and 4 children. Her husband has a strange looking car that has flowers painted on it. She knows the names of her children and their ages. My son and daughter-in-law get amused when she talks about this imaginary family of hers. Also my wife and I think it is sort of funny. However, when I was reading a book a couple of weeks back by Sylvia Browne, the famous psychic, she also talks about this very experience. She said that children remember former lives and talk about them.

I Think My Daughter Was Here Before

I quite often find my daughter who is 3 years old standing in the corner of our living room speaking to someone that she calls caitsy, when i question where this person is she stands there and blatently tells me i'm silly caitsy lives here and standing in the corner. She also sits singing songs that she shouldn't know at her age and her level of intellegence is very scary. she is 3 and can count up to 45 without making mistakes.

Son Reincarnated

My first child of two, my only son, died of a rare form of leukemia October 22, 2008. My daughters son was born January 26, 2009. I was very very close to my son. My bond with him was strong. I need not explain the devastation I felt first hearing his diagnosis, then his death almost five years later. He was 24 when he died, just shy of his 25th birthday January 18th.

Daughters Past Life?

My daughter is 3 1/2 and people (friends, family, strangers)have always said that everything about her is so much older. About 2 months ago she started telling me and her father that she rode her bike into the water, went to the bottom and then a family pulled her out but she died. Initially we passed it off as a bad dream but now shes having them more frequently (about 3 times a week) and every once in awhile there's more information she tells us, who she was with etc.

Is My Son Remembering Being in a War and How Can I Help Him With It?

My son is just about to turn four. His entire life we've called him an "old soul" as he's been seemingly wise beyond his years, acts very much like an adult (and prefers the company of adults), and somehow knows things that he just, well, shouldn't. He has been working with farming equipment since he was two years old, and can explain in layman's terms the inner-workings of an engine - something I certainly don't understand. I was very much the same way as a child (the old soul part, not so much the farming equipment ), so I just chalked it up to genetics until about a month ago.

Vivid Experience With My Son

I just watched A&E program Beyond Death and recall vividly an experience with my son that I thought I would share with you. Our son was 3-4 years old at the time (now 9yrs.) and in the night he called to me - I sat on the side of his bed as he sat up and recanted a dream he'd just had..... he was completely awake and crying. I remember testing his awakened state by asking him a couple of questions - I was convinced the child was completely awake. He told that I'd left on a grey bus ... left him at the side of the road and I never came back.

My Big Brother

When i was about two years old and an only child, i began to talk about my big brother and different every-day activities we used to do together, such as getting water from a pump, which was really strange for a toddler brought up in the suburbs to recall. On various occasions my mother would come into the family room and find me lying on the sofa with tears streaming down my face talking about my big brother dying and how terribly i missed him. I would tell my parents about "When I was a big girl" and things that i would do.

Fear of Bears (3 Generation of Connections)

I'd like to share a little story about my niece and nephew were overheard talking about a past life experience. Although it only happened on one occasion, it explains a life time of feelings. My sister's children, , ages 5 and 3 were sitting on the bed talking, unaware that my sister was listening in the doorway. My sister walked in in the middle of the conversation. My nephew, age 5, was talking to my niece about how when he was "Da's" father (Da was his great grandfather who recently had passed) and they were in the woods hunting. He then described being mauled by a bear and died.

My Daughters Outburst-Possible Past Life Memory

Yesterday i was talking to my daughter about her day at school(she' 6) and she was telling about everything she did and then suddenly just out of the blue said when we die we go to heaven and God fixes us and we get to come back as babies. this surprised me for she has no concept of this. i had only been studying this a week and had just bought carol's book last sunday. i'm wondering if she is remembering about past lives. she told me when her grandma and great-grandma dies God will fix them and they will come back as babies and she wonders who they will be.

My Son Talks of a Past Life

From the time my son was able to speak he talked of his past life. At the age of 18 months he spent ages trying to put a knife on the end of his shoes stating that he used to skate with knives on the bottom of his shoes. He was able to sing along to sixties songs without ever having heard them before. He always would correct me when I told him he was born in a local hospital in New Zealand. He said "No, I was born in Canada." This was before he even knew that Canada was a country. He, even to this day, at the age of twelve, can describe the event of his death.

Is My Child a New Soul

After my youngest child remembered a past
life he brought it up sometimes for a couple
of years, until his fifth birthday. One day,
while I was taking them to a medical appt.,
he brought it up again.

Apparently, he brought it up when I wasn't
around because his older brother (by 15 mos)
was immediately annoyed. They argued with
my older son insisting it wasn't true and it
was made up.

My Two Year Old Son, "When Can I Be Over"

Logan was about 2 when he and I were in an argument, when I said "Logan you are too little to have this much anger in you, and he said "but I was big, when I drove my race car and then it crashed and it made big fire and I was over, then I started again and I was your baby. That was it just sometimes out of the blue he would ask me "mom when are we going to be over, so I can be a baby again?" I told him I did not know and I hoped it would not be for a long time, because I wanted to be with him for as long as possible.

How Much Remembering Do I Encourage(Scary Past Life Memory of My Three Year Old Daughter)

My 3 yr old is very chatty. One night she blurted out, "You know when Natalie (her baby sister) was a baby, she had a ****** and some ladies came and cut it." After my realization that it was a past life recall I asked her what happened after that incident and she said, "the girls drank some water."

My Ten Year Old Sons Past Life Memory

My son is 10 years of age. One day he came up to me out of the blue and said that he has known me for a very long time. I said you've known me for 10 years and he said no a lot longer then that. He also told me how he died, I said to him you are not dead. He said not now, before. He died from very thick black smoke that smelt very bad and it was very hard to breath, he was choking a lot. I asked if there was a fire, he said that all he could see was very black smoke and could not breath.

Could My Son Be My Brother In Law?

I can't tell you how excited I was to find this site. My 4 yr old son has been "freaking me out" lately. Here's why....

My Dream and My Daughter

Two years ago I began working with a chiropractor who used a holistic approach which included past-life work. Over a period of about six months we worked with past lives three different times as it became necessary. Here's the progression of the sessions and the surrounding events in my life:

One of My Identical Twins Talks About a Past Life

I have identical 19-month old twin daughters and I have mentioned one of them--Caroline-- in one of these posts. She is the one who has this strange affinity for Barbie Dolls. At the ripe old age of 12 months, she would bounce up and down at Toys R Us when we went by the Barbie aisle, pointing and gesturing that she wanted one. We have never really been big "Barbie" type parents and only let our oldest daughter (she's five. We have three daughters--the twins and the five year old) own the ones she receives as gifts and she only plays with them once in a blue moon as well.

Curious About What My Son Said

My son has been coming up with several stories and I'm starting to worry - I never really looked into past lives until I heard his stories.
The first story happened about three months ago - he was born with two birth marks on his left thigh - he told me he remembers how he got them - when I asked how, he responded by saying that he was in Heaven playing with the other children waiting on new parents when a snake came up to bit him, and just as he was going to die, he was born.

Is My Son Talking About a Past Life

I just don't know where to start! My son, Kyle, shared the most amazing experience with me today. I'm going to back track a moment.....Kyle is 9 years old. Over the past year or two, he has made many comments
that he "wants to go home". After questioning him about what he means, the subject just got dropped each
time, as Kyle tends to tell "tales" sometimes. But this morning as I was working on the computer, he was
laying on the floor next to my chair playing his
Gameboy. All of sudden he said "I want to go home".

My Daughter Freaks Out When She Sees Hospital Type Settings

I have identical 19-month old twin daughters and I have mentioned one of them--Caroline-- in one of these posts. She is the one who has this strange affinity for Barbie Dolls. At the ripe old age of 12 months, she would bounce up and down at Toys R Us when we went by the Barbie aisle, pointing and gesturing that she wanted one. We have never really been big "Barbie" type parents and only let our oldest daughter (she's five. We have three daughters--the twins and the five year old) own the ones she receives as gifts and she only plays with them once in a blue moon as well.

She Talks about Her Other Mother

I helped to raise a child who was extremely articulate from almost the time before she could walk. She had a very matter-of-fact, practical way of talking and it never seemed to occur to her to "embroider" a subject. If she had been on Dragnet, she would have been the detective who said, "Just the facts, ma'am." LOL

My Five Year Old Daughter's Past Life Memories

My 5 year old daughter was extremely upset about a month ago. Crying and I could not console her. She began asking me if I was going to die. I told her that we all must die, but that I hoped it would be a long time from now. She then told me that her other mommy had died when she was young and that her daddy had to raise her. She told me that her mother's name was Jerissa and her father's name was Michael.

Could My Three Year Old's Memories be Reincarnation

I am trying to remember just when my 3 year old son first started saying things like, "when I was big" or "when I was old". I think it was just before his third birthday (he is now almost 4). I used to downplay his comments as those of an imaginative child. What made me listen more carefully to what he would say in conjunction with these lead-ins happened between Christmas and New Year's this past year (1999). I'd taken the week off from work to be home with my 3 kids.

Could My Daughters Memories be Genetic

My daughter has had memories of things and people that existed before she was born.. She has told me of times she played tea party with this really nice lady who she described in detail and resembled her Great grandmother, who she had never even seen a picture of since the woman had died 30 years before her birth. She's also talked to my son who was killed when my daughter was six.. She's pointed out items that resemble things we had in our family 20-30 years before her birth and have long since been discarded..

Niece's Past Life

my niece always spoke to imaginary "friends" Between the age of two and three my sister overheard her talking about her mean mommie..So she asked her daughter why she thought she was mean...and she said (in a very adamant voice NOT YOU!! MY MOMMIE WITH THE DARK HAIR ...YOU WOULDN"T KNOW.. IT WAS BEFORE I WAS AN EGG CELL IN YOU BODY!!!

My Child Remembers Bringing Me Flowers in a Past Life

I was driving my son (who was three at the time), home from preschool. I was being particularly quiet that day, having just learned that my dear grandmother was expected to pass away very soon. Without any precursor to the conversation my son said: A long time ago I brought you flowers. I said, "you did?" "Yes," he said and a necklace and a wrist." "You mean a bracelet?" I asked.

Before I Was a Baby I Lived in a Castle

A car ride with my 3 year old niece was the first time my sister-in-law and I were confronted with the possibility of reincarnation memories in little children.

While riding in the car seat my neice suddenly shouted for her mom to slow down. She told her mother to "slow down I don't want to be on fire again". When my sis-in-law asked her what she was talking about she told a story of when she was riding with her other mommy they were going very fast and her mommy hit a car and the car she was in went on fire and she died.

My Son Remembers Dying in a Fire

My son started acting really strange for about 5mins. First of all is it possible for a child as young as 18months (but who has always done things like walk early situp ect) to remember about a past life? Anyway let me explain what happened I was out the kitchen making myself a coffee when i heard a voice shouting the word "fire" over and over i stoped what i was doing and went to look out of my livingroom window as the voice was coming from that dircetion.

My Child's Memory

My youngest child seems to display some of the four signs.

Last June we were re housed 250 miles away to Devon(to escape my abusive ex husband)
The very first time we went past a small house (the day we moved-(we hadnt been to view the house before)across the road from a church,five minutes walk from our new home my son said he had lived in the 'church house' as he calls it when he was 6 years old.He is 3.

Son Hints at Possible Past Life

Last night my son was looking at my computer, and a friend of mine on Facebook posted a picture of a lit fireplace. This oddly set my son off on a tangent, and he began speaking of a fire, house fire.... windows breaking, he said it was hot and he was scared. He said mommy was there. He explained different parts of the body and how they felt. He is only 2 and a 1/2, so he doesn't have all his words yet. I took from it as much as I could, and comforted him.