Adult Reincarnation Stories

Sold into Slavery

I have done several past life regressions. Here is one of my recent rememberings:
I was a young, teen girl whose mother sold/sent her to live as a servant in a nice big house with lots of other people. I had blonde hair and wore my Sunday best when the man with the funny mustache came to get me. He bound my wrists and I cried and cried and many times I asked him where we were going. I had never been to many places before and it wasn't long before I knew I couldn't find my way back.

More Than Deja Vu

My name is Kiffy. I believe in reincarnation. The reason I do is when I was in my late twenties. I was on holiday in Arizona. The first time I was ever there. I came from Creston, BC Canada. We went with a couple through mountains in Arizona. I am not sure where we were, but we were following the trail of the pony Express. The man we were visiting suggested going to see an old mining town at the top of this mountain. It was quit a trek up this mountain on a very windy road. It probably took about fifteen minutes to climb from the bottom to the top in the car.

Memories of the South in the 50's

Hello, I'd like to stay anonymous. I believe in reincarnation because I have alway yearned for times past and feel a bit lost on this life. I am extremely drawn to the American 50's and the South US during the civil war. Historical fiction has always been my favourite, particularly the South pre-civil war. I love everything about the South (except the racism): the drawl, the architecture, the landscape, the trees, the plantations, the complex relationships between African American slaves and their owners, the sugar, the underground railway, the traditions, just everything.

Turkish Past Life Memories

Many a times, I used to dream I am in a castle and have many courtiers, I have a robe and a crown and have a beard and a moustache, I was always extremely interested in the Turish architecture. Recently, I went to a coubtry in the Middle East and visited a mosque; amazingly the pictures I have taken are so close to the ones I have seen in my dreams; turns out this was Turkish architecture too; although I have never been to Turkey ever in my life.

Deja Vu at Niagra Falls

I'm wondering why I have such a love for Niagara Falls. My second husband took me there for a trip and the first time we went, I felt so in love with this place. I didn't have a feeling like I was there before but just a love. I didn't want to leave.

Mother and Child Past Life Memories

All my life I've been attracted to the deep south in love with plantations in my heart I fell as if I once lived on a plantation in one of my life's old farm houses and farms also intrige me and I have a strong connection to stone houses that are abandoned.
I feel a sense of belonging.when I see one.

Past Life Memories From Another Dimension

As some of you I have memories of my previous life. I would like
to find people who like me have memories of their old life.
There are several types of past lives.
The most common human reincarnation.
Reincarnation of a being from another planet.
Also reincarnation from another dimension.

My Detailed Past Life Memories From 16th to 19th Century

I remember several past lives. The memories of which came to me through dreams. My first memory surfaced around the age of 6/7, I remember it like it was yesterday. I also remember how I was aware of past lives when I was younger. Once this awareness faded, I turned to atheism. I couldn't accept the concept of heaven and hell and how Christianity included so much hate and judgement that only divides people. I would go to church but I would stand there baffled by what the pastor was saying. At times, I wondered about the dream I had and why it had felt so real.

Combat Visions of Past Life

I had a dream.. I was wearing something- something that is used for combats. I am not a soldier but I dressed as one and pretended to be one. I pretended to be a man. I never had a problem pretending to be one because I somehow move like a man. Inside, I met a man. I cant remember how he looks but I can never forget his eyes- those blue eyes. He knew of my secret for I trusted me. I fell for him and he said he thought he was gay for he said he fell inlove with me the first time he saw me.

Validating My Past Life Visions

I feel need to share my story,and in same time,ask for opinions and advice...I completely remember of my past life.Thanks to the internet,I found out who I was,name,where I lived and how I died and everything matched with my dreams,memory fragments,phobias,aversions and interest I have since early childhood.Town from my visions really exist and is exact same like in them.Back in early 90s,we hadnt computers,I could not know for one far place,that I saw in my visions.I always loved uniforms,trucks,and previous me was firefighter.Since young age,had same nightmare,lying in hospital bed,cant m

Father Reincarnated into His Grandaughters Son

I'm glad I found this page, maybe I can get some support for what I believe in. Here is one of my stories that NO ONE in my family will believe. 4 years ago on this very night, December 23rd, I had a super real vivid dream. In this dream I was in my parents house and as I was going downstairs, I saw my father (who had been dead for 3 years) and his face was SO real! I hugged him, kissed him, and he had razor stubble that I could feel, and he had a brown plaid shirt on that I reached out to feel. So then I asked him, what are you doing here daddy?

I Was Alexander the Great in my Past Life

I believe this reincarnation I can tell you this story... Well I had this dream I was walking in the desert and to me I believe it was Egypt I was walking and looking around then next dream I was in Egyptian palace I saw a fountain and statues of the gods and goddesses and I was surrounded with people Egyptians worshipped me then a next dream I had I saw one of the men being whipped I was wondering why the one of the men is whipped I was curious about this why am I dreaming of this?

My Past Life Dreams

I do not have much in the way of details, but there are two dreams that I've had that I would like to share. First, when I was very young, I awoke my mum with a nightmare. I told her that I'd died in a plane crash. We did not have television (super religious patents]) and is never been on a plane. Yet, I described every detail of the plane. I also remembered the faces of passengers and in the row across from me, there was a little girl sitting in her mum's lap. I remember burning. I mean, I remember the horrific pain of burning.

Could I really be my grandmother

My grandmother died of cancer when my mother was 3 months pregnant with me. She never told my grandmother about the pregnancy because the doctors told it would be to terrible for my grandmother if to know she would never see her first grandchild. My mother has regretted this ever since.

Learning who I May Have Been in a Past Life

My name is Mariah (hence my name on here, as they call the wind Mariah.) I am about to be 20 years old on October 10th. I am a mother to a wonderful little boy named Damien and am engaged to a pretty great guy as well. I am originally from PA, but moved to Chicago to be with my honey at 17.

Now that's over, let me tell you why I'm here. The other night I randomly became obsessed with reincarnation and wanted to read on children recalling past lives, needless to say I found this forum. I have been reading through it all for a few days now and decided to create an account.

My Past Life Research

Since the beginning, I've had unexplained impressions. The first that I remember is feeling like my birth date was important. I didn't know why at the time, but as a child I would ask my mother what day of the week I was born, what time etc. I also used to scour encyclopedias or anything really, hoping to find something that occurred on that date.

Killed My Fiance in a Past Life?

In ancient Egypt I murdered a soldier who is my ex-fiance in this lifetime. I discussed it in some detail in another thread, but it was in one of my first past life meditations...I was a fat, unattractive, conniving, greedy and grasping Egyptian who was well connected, while my "best friend" from childhood (the ex-fiance) was an attractive, tall, powerfully built soldier...we both became successful, me in politics and him in the army. For reasons unclear to me now, I stood with alot of armed soldiers on a daiz and my friend ran up to me greeting me as one would a dear friend.

Spontaneous Past Life Recall While Driving

I drive for a living and was making a delivery in historical downtown Turlock. As I wound my way through the narrow, quaint streets, I saw a car, a yellow '57 Packard, sitting in a parking lot. It was beautifully restored, yellow and white.

That was all it took.

A Primitive Memory

This is a dream I had some time ago that I want to share, unlike other dreams, is one of the dreams that I know its past life related.

I believe it was before history, I was a strong man, between 20 to 30 years old, and wearing an animal skin.

During sunset time, me and four others of whom I believe they were either my brothers, family members, or very close friends, were escaping from some other people (about ten of them) strangers from us who were throwing stones or rocks at us.

Third Time's the Charm?

I can remember portions of at least three different past lifetimes, and possibly 5. Out of those three that I can remember the most detail from, two of them and this lifetime have had one common important person to me in them. In this lifetime, I met this fellow when I was nine years old or so. He was 14, and I can still, to this day, remember where he sat in my living room the night a met him. From that day on (that was 14 years ago now) I have had an undeniable, unbreakable pull to him. I thought for the longest time that it was just my first love and that I would get over it.

Childhood Memories

I was born in 1958. My parents were very conformist and followed the whole 1950s stereotype. They did not believe in reincarnation, and the idea scared them. When I was about three years old, I began telling them about the toys I used to play with when I was a little boy. After a bath, I would comb my hair straight back, like men used to in the late 1930s-40s.

My mother would tell me I had not been a little boy and that I was a little girl. She began spanking me when I combed my hair back. I had no idea what her problem was. I knew for a fact I had been a little boy, twice.

Memories of Regency England

I was the young housekeeper of a modest country estate in England in the early 1800s. I believe my name was Rachel Maria, and that people called me Maria. It's possible that I was a cook-housekeeper, because I recall spending a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing food for the family I served. Or perhaps it was part of my duties to help the cook prepare scented and flavoured waters, pickles, and baked goods. The lady of the house, a kind but reserved woman, came down to the kitchen to oversee or even lend a hand in food preparation before dinner parties.


I recently ran across a series of shows on Vibe about a couple of guys (David Choe and Harry Kim) who hitchhike across America. It reminded me of my youth and the short and brief time I hitchhiked around after my amnesia. It was sort of 'therapy' for me. It was sort of nice to meet actual strangers and not have any chance of a 'hidden history' I was unaware of. It was back in 1979-80 when I took off with my 'thumb up' and just went on adventures. Strange, how I can still recall the faces and conversations of every single person who stopped and offered me a ride.

Drawn to a House

I used to visit a girlfriend on J Street. She was in love with the house that she was renting and she threw the most fabulous parties. When I met her and her crowd of friends I felt so much at peace in that house and around her friends I felt so comfortable. Like we had known each other for a long time and that I was finally at home where I belonged. But for some reason I felt that in this life the universe did not want us to all be friends. but I craved their friendship.

Memories Surfaced During Meditation

I'm going to write this story now, before the pain slips away. Take it for what it is.

Past Life Lover

I’ve always believed in reincarnation since I was a child. My family does not share any of these beliefs nor are particularly religious or spiritual in any sense. I’ve never told anybody about my beliefs in reincarnation until now. Ever since I was young, I’ve had a recurring dream of witnessing a tsunami. I also have dreams where I speak to people who were the past live souls of people I know now. For example, certain people in my life who have had a positive and profound impact, I dream about who they were before this life, and how we knew each other.

Canadian Pilot

Time for me to share my past life with you all. First of all I must tell you it has all come so fast in such a quick succession of events that it is causing me some major issues which I relate to in another thread, but here goes.

Looking into, and trying to understand life long recurring dreams, visions and emotional triggers I gained the help of a dear friend in the US who has guided and supported me in seeking answers. This is not the complete story, that would take far too long.

Contrasting Past Lives

I have obtained a view into two consecutive lives in which I played roles somewhat counter to each other.

In the first case, I was an irishman and the english were billeted there for purposes of conquest. Our wives and daughters proved to be at risk by the english and I attempted to assemble a group to ensure their protection...with promises of support from my friends and neighbors, who had the same concerns (which would have been easy as we outnumbered them greatly) I began my efforts against the english and was caught and support never came.

Love Reincarnated

A year after we had gotten married, my husband was diagnosed with a serious mental health condition. It was bad enough that he needed to stop working and go on disability for quite a while. As a result of this, I was forced to take on the role of caretaker and primary provider.

Making Love in Mid Afternoon

I dreamt of this for about twice already. "I" was on the center of a large concrete room. I think it was about mid afternoon . I was making love with someone whose features resembles that of a Middle Eastern man: his hair dark & curly, he has dark eyelashes and really handsome. I'm lying on a pile of pillows, I remember most of them are colors red and pink. The fabrics are like silk and sheers.

France in the 1400's

I remember coming home across the fields (France, 1400s is my thinking I was a teenage boy - maybe 14 or so) and seeing my house (hovel) on fire - thatched roof smoking.

I looked in and my family was gone - where? who knows and the house was all wrecked. Don't know what happened, but there was a war on and stuff like that tended to happen.

I walked to the nearest town and kind of hung around not really knowing what to do. No sign of my family. I tried begging a bit, some people took pity and gave me some scraps, etc.

Fear of Heights

All of my life I have had a fear of heights. I never had an accident that would have created such a fear. My mother did tell me that from a small child I exhibited this fear. I have no memory of the fear as a small child. As a teenager I had falling dreams--which I read somewhere at the time was a normal occurrence.

Past Life in China

This is another life that I have remembered bits and pieces of over recent years, but have not written about much before. But I am trying to get some of my 'lives' into some kind of order and I think it is quite an interesting story in its own way so worth writing down here.

Jayne Mansfield

As a child, I remember looking into the mirror and crying. I did not have the blonde hair I expected myself to have. I had a huge fear of car accidents-specifically rear ending a vehicle. My harbors always had to have the biggest breasts, and were always pregnant. Of course, I did not think anything of it as a child, and up until recently, still didn't.

One night, I had a terrifying dream. I was someone else. I was pulled out of my body, and my spirit was in this kitchen with these two women and I heard a crash. It was a loud car crash. I was Jayne Mansfield.

Boy on The Beach

This night I had a very vivid dream I clearly remember even now. It seems to be engraved in my heart and my mind. I suppose because of underlying emotional attachment.

Black Hat

I have the custom of lying in bed until I am almost asleep, at which point I direct my mind to
something in particular. Sometimes when I do this, I see clear images which presumably refer to whatever or whomever I've directed my mind towards. When I used this method to think about a
past life, I obtained a number of images which described a man who lived in the 19th century, probably in the U.S.

18th Dynasty Egypt

I decided to be brave and post what has been "downloaded" into my current consciousness. I use the term "downloaded" because that's kinda how it feels, to me.

Started with a Meditation of a childhood scene from the current life: playing by/in Lacawaxen River in PA. It was behind my Grandmother's house.

The scene shifts and:

I am female and I am playing in shallows of wide river (the Nile), can’t see other side of the river. I am very young, maybe 4?

Past Life in Atlantis

The other night, when my internet was down- I fell asleep on the side I don't usually fall asleep on, and I had some very vivid dreams.

Pioneer Life

Last night I had a recurrence of my childhood asthma. (I haven't had but a few other episodes in adulthood.) During childhood my asthma was triggered by exercise or at night by excess dust or smoke (we had a wood burning stove.) I had been re-reading Carol's book about children's past lives and I had a strong feeling that the episode was past life related. I relaxed myself as much as I could while coughing and since I was very tired, almost dozing, I found myself slipping easily into a past life.

Europe in 1300s

I finally found some time to meditate the other day. It was an interesting experience. I had remembered this life time back in the early 1990's and recorded it in my journals. This meditation seemed to be an extension of the last one.

Vision of Past Life Self

I'm 28 yrs old and I had an experience as a child that I've never forgotten and always wondered about. Now as an adult I wonder if it was a sort of past life memory?

I was fully awake when this happened.

At the age of about 7 I remember one afternoon sitting at the dining room table doing my math homework. There was a window right infront of the table and I was looking out while thinking and figuring out the math in my head. With my pencil in my right hand, I glanced down at my homework and then out the window again when I quickly realized what I had just seen!

The Return of Grace O'Malley?

My name is Grace D. and I've been a believer of reincarnation since I can remember. For years I have fantasized (and dreamed) about the ocean and sailing. Whenever I'm around the sea or a certain ship my personality changes into the "sea pirate." One summer, my father and I took a trip to Ireland and I couldn't help but adapt to the area. Towards the end of our trip my speech even developed an Irish brogue (although this has not happened in another country). When I first heard of the Pirate Grace O'Malley I thought it was interesting that our names sound so similar. Is it a coincidence?

My Cat Returned

My husband raised a cat from being the rejected runt of the littler into a mass of muscular tabby named "Tiny". Tiny was an indoor/outdoor cat who was supposed to have died from feline AIDS (or whatever they call it) when he was two. He came through, so I guess the vet was wrong. Over his years he learned several tricks, like identifying several whistles for different things, such as simple "Come here" to "Chow time". He had very peculiar habits and could obey simple verbal commands and acted very human in many regards.

World War 1

I am hoping to find out if anyone can help me figure this out.
I had a dream about 6 months ago or so. it was so vivid at the time but now it's kind of faded. I wish I had found this earlier.
My bf just thinks is a crazy dream, but it seemed so real.

Here is my dream

Undeveloped Past Life Location

I have two "clear" past live memories which I will relate back at a different time, but there is one that is just puzzling me. I feel like this may be my latest, because it feels somewhat recent...perhaps in the 1930s or 1940s? The other past life I have memories of was during the Civil War and the other I have not pinpointed a time, but I am wanting to relate it to the 1700/1800s.

Jewish Girl Forced into Catholic Convent

So I was meditating earlier and had two strange visions. Unfortunately I forget the precise details as I did not have a chance to write down everything, so I apologize in advance for some things not being clear.

The first was of a girl in a bed, tossing and turning. She has dark hair and pale skin, and is crying. I think she has just given birth, and she knew the birth would kill her but was forced to anyway.

I Was a Composer

In 2011 I decided to give hypnosis another try, but with a different person. I called and made an appointment to visit Miss Rhonda who was also a medium. My mother drove us into town and we walked into the healing center. It started to rain and thunder.

Dreams or Memories

When I was 2 years old I had a very vivid dream that I still to this day (I'm 25) call "My very first dream".

In the dream I was on the floor and there was a cartoon character dresses as a soldier, holding a riffle on top of the bed. I was sitting in the corner crying. All of a sudden he started to shoot at me and he shot me twice on my leg. I remember staring at my leg and trying to call my mom but I had no matter how loud I would try to scream nothing would come out.

I woke up crying and screaming. I still remember that helpless feeling.

Reliving My Past Life

I didn’t realize how much my present life mirrors my past life until just recently. I had my first regression about 2 years ago, and have regressed probably 20-25 times to the same life. During these regressions i slowly unfolded facts about the life i once had. And only through re-reading my regression experiences (i type them all up immediately after a regression) i started to notice how similar my actions and personality is the same in this life. I think, i mirror her actions, when i reach the age i was in a past life.

Memories of India

I never had any kind of interest in India, ever. But, about three years ago I had a dream. I was walking the streets of India, the sun was bright and there were people everywhere. I remember walking and just appreciating everything there was. I loved looking at the people that were passing by, the cars, etc... It wasn't a wealthy looking part, but I loved it.
I remember walking into shops and admiring every single thing, I also remember looking at some spices and talking to the salesman.
I don't know if it was me, Emilia or if I was another person altogether. I have no idea.

My last memory was also my first

Although I do believe in all possibilities I do not practice any belief in the metaphysical.

They'll lock you up!

Since the age iof 2 years I would stare at my hands and say "who am I now?" I had and still have a vivid memory of lying in a bed, I am either a child or and old lady, I can't see me, I am me, but I know I am small. I smell coals like a steam engine, I m in a small room (caravan) tucked in bed. a large smiley lady pours a spoon of something, she says "not long now", I know I love her, but not in what way. She puts the cold spoon to my lips. Evetything goes cold and black.

In A Chinese commune

I had a vivid dream 35 years ago, that I was a female in China, who wore a blue pants suit, like uniform, the same as the men. I lived in some kind of commune. One night, I persuaded my boyfriend to climb out a window and go fishing. He wasnt keen, but I made him. We were catching fish, by flicking them out of the river, with our hands. He was scared we'd get caught, but I didnt care, and kept laughing at him. We crept back through the window afterwards.

Spontaneous Past Life Flashback

It's OK to laugh, make fun of my story etc. Nobody here knows me so I can afford to take a little abuse for sharing this.
I can't explain why I have these vivid memories nor can I testify that I am sane. I do however promise that the following did indeed happen to me and I will do my best to describe it in detail.

Standing Beside My Tipi

Id always had this "memory" of standing beside my tipi, looking at my husband, who was on his horse, about to go off to fight. There were plains around, with mountains in the background. We were saying goodbye by just looking at each other. I "knew" that I would not see him again in that life.

Being in Service

I've always said "Don't think I've had a life in service. Would never have lasted at it." Anyone who knows me agrees.
I have now had two dreams which give me the idea I could be wrong.

Past Life Affecting My Current Life

Working my World War 2 France life out finally accepting who I was & how I died (not very nice to accept) explains the horrendous migraines I get.
Interestingly they started New Years Day just before my thirtieth birthday. January 1st was my birthday last life & I was thirty when I died. Even friends have commented lately that I am not suffering as badly as I have done over the last 15 years. They are much less frequent & nowhere near as painful.
It makes you wonder if this was subconscious for me to remember& deal with.

I am My Own Grandfather

I am a little different than most people I think. I think I may have been my own grandfather in a previous life. Here is my story. I don't have memories of just one past life. I have memories of several of different times and places and people. Some blend together and are hard to discern from each other. I will start with the most recent memory.

Executed in the Middle Ages

It's a while since I had this dream. I usually take two to confirm pl but the emotion was so strong & it felt real. I did some research but drew blanks. I think all I needed to know was in the dream & I'll probably get no more memories, not sure I want to.
A programme I watched late last night about Elizabethan life & ways of execution (amazing what you can learn after a late night at work!) brought it back to me so thought would share.
Time frame I guess mid 1400's to 1600.

Meeting My Boyfriend's Mother WWII

Last time I went to a popular Cornish place I got really strong feelings of my last pl person. I was just working her out then and the place seemed to validate it. I got a really strong feeling of being there before.
This time passing a house there I got an immediate vision. It was like "I know that house. It was my boyfriends."
The house was a typical, small fishermans cottage. The memory I got was of being introduced to my then boyfriends mother. (He is a friend in this life.)

How I Experienced My Past Life

How to have an experience of past life?

Many times we often fall into a big mess within ourselves and rather wonder how to access our past lives. Ambiguity will remain a constant factor when we ask questions about our past lives with others.

My Story: The Holocaust

For over 20 years I have believed in reincarnation, been fascinated by it. I've been very spiritual. I've also been searching for answers, for a religion to call my own... I've been to church after church, religion after religion searching for acceptance of my personal beliefs within that group and never really finding it. I have also talked to many mediums and psychics along the way wanting to believe but discovered that every single one of them was pretty much full of it. It was at this point, just a few months ago that I started to believe maybe there really is nothing.

An American Life

I’ve decided to share what comes up for me regarding a life I think I may have lived in America post-WW2. This is a life I never really expected to uncover, and it wasn’t till after I uncovered it that I put a lot of pieces together. I will admit though that a week or so before I did the self-regression that uncovered this life I had been pondering some of these ‘indications’ of a recent American Past Life, so until something comes up that I can validate, I’m still dubious about a lot of this as it could still be imagination.

Frontier Past Life

I was doing a self regression, and "popped" into the body of a man named Jubal Early. (not the civil war general, but his grandfather) I walked through my usual meditation door into a forest so dense, it felt primeval. I was wearing buckskins, and a soft foot covering. There was a large body of incredibly blue, peaceful water. Someone met me with a canoe, maybe a Native American, but he was "vague". My wife wasn't. Her name was Mary Polly, and she was really glad to see me. We had a supper served on a wooden trencher. It involved corn bread with sorghum molasses poured on it.

Cold Harbor

When I was 4 years old I used to tell my mother and grandmother that I was a grown up before I was a child. I told them I used to ride a horse.

As a kid I always had an interest in the American Civil War era. There was always something that pulled me unnaturally to that time.

Past Life as Sir John

I found myself in England and saw a darkened room and looked down on a stone sarcophagus. Upon it was the seemingly cast reclining figure of it's presumed occupant, a knight with beard and tunic, holding a broadsword by the haft with both hands over his chest as the blade draped over the center of his body with its point near his feet which were next to each other, a fact which seemed to have significance. I "heard" Sir John and he died in 1296 at age 46, not in battle. I then felt intense pressure within my stomach.

Past Lives in the Early Half of 20th Century

When I was very, very young, I can remember my mother took me camping, along with my stepfather. It's one of my clearest early memories. In Southern California's desert (this will be important later) where we slept in sleeping bags out in the open air. It was warm enough to do so and we were at some campsite. I got up before they did and started wandering around the trees. I wandered to a field and I can't remember much, except what everything looked like and I knew that I had lived somewhere else before.

Swedish Immigrant in the Oregon Territory

I'm not sure where to begin with my memories of this life, because they're few and far between. I was the only daughter, and the only living child, of Swedish immigrants passing through the Oregon Territory in the mid-1800s. I was eleven or twelve years old during what I remember of this life. My parents and I had reached the shores of America a few years before; I had had two younger brothers who died of some illness on the ship that brought us to New York. They were buried at sea. I remember traveling in a covered wagon during a heavy rain.

Finland in the late 1800s or early 1900s

This might be the only previous life I remember which could be described as happy. I wish I could remember more of it.

Medieval Estonia

A bit of background: between the ages of three and nine, I had a recurring dream about witnessing a nighttime assassination in a castle or manor in which I might have been a servant. I believe myself to have been murdered not long after witnessing the assassination in this life, not because I witnessed my lord being killed, but simply because I was a member of his household. I died in a swift, brutal raid on the house I lived and worked in. I had my throat slit, and was so traumatised from dying that way, that I've had odd problems with my throat in this life. But more on that later.

Two Past Life Memories

I have had two past life memories. The first began as a very vivid dream and was validated by a real life event and the second was a spontaneous memory.
The first memory happened after a friend invited me to his new house situated on a Vancouver, British Columbia street. I had a vivid dream that I walked along a modern style sidewalk on a Vancouver street with a man dressed in clothing from around 1910. I was dressed in a long, brown dress with a matching jacket from the same era. I was very comfortable with this man and so had my arm through his as we walked along.

Three years on the Leningrad front as a German soldier WW2

I have made the assertion that one way to enlightenment is to serve a life on the Eastern Front in World War II. I know of a handful of authors and psychics who have shared this awful experience. Although I am an American in this life, my recent spiritual journey disclosed that I have been a German for the past 1,000 years. In this journey, I discovered nine of my past lives, most of them ended in me being murdered.

My Last Life

This will be short because it came to me
in a dream and has not stopped.

Constant repeating of same thing over and over.

I was born the 50's to middle class family.
I was abused by my father .
This why I don't trust men it carries.
I ran away from home at young age.
It was late 60's I got into hippy scene.
I got used and abused again. Very
bad choices looking any kind love, which wasn't.
I did lots of drugs attended most festivals back then.

By the early 70's I was beyond repair .

A life in Early 19th Century France

I've had two dreams in the past few months, neither of which I feel were direct past life memories being shown to me, but I feel, after the second one, that they're pointing me in the direction of a possible past life.

My Dream/ Past Life Memory of WWI

The other night I had a most interesting "dream." I've only just had chance to sit down and write about it, yet, unusually, I still remember almost all of it. I have no idea if it has any significance, if it IS a fragmentary recollection of a past life, or simply a product of my own sleepy imagination, but I relate it here for any interest it may hold to others...

Did I Dream About My Past Life

This first part has very little to do with my past life, but it is important. When I was 11 years old I happened to look up into the sky and see three gold flying discs. This has very little to do with anything other than the fact that years later I became a little interested in ufos and started to get a newsletter sent to me via email that told of current ufo sightings. The newsletter was kind of lousy with tons of fake photos and not that intriguing stories. I barely read it.

Memories of a Black Woman

I am 32 now in this life. I recall when I was sick at home, in bed with Glandular fever. I was maybe 11 or 12. I am Caucasian.
I was lying there when I saw clearly, a woman who was black, with a housemaids uniform on, the style of the white apron, and black dress.

Memories Of 1930's Era

I was born in 1933 so I have a lot of memories of the 30's. I had 4 older sisters...the 3 eldest were 13, 10 and 8 years older.

It was the era of the BIG BANDS....all of that great music.. I often went downtown with my mother on a street car. They were long with a motorman and a conductor...they also made clanking sounds as they swayed traveling along on their tracks.
You had to stand in the middle of the street to wait for one to board.

French Revolution

I feel that I must have been a French soldier, possibly in the French Revolution. I had a dream a couple of months ago, which was my first ever vision into a previous life. I was in a war. The side I was on was wearing red and white uniforms, with black hats. The opposing side was wearing sky blue and white uniforms. We were in a battle on top of a hill, the grass was a very healthy green, and behind the opposing forces, I could see trees. Our captain, sitting a top his horse, was situated so that we surrounded him. I was in the front lines. Our captain gave orders for us to fire.

My Memories of France - The Burning Times

This was not something I planned to do, but someone who knows about these memories encouraged me to post them. I agreed to do it because I think it's important to shed some light on this time in history.

I remember a life as a young lady in France named Caroline. She lived during the 16th century in, I believe, the region of Lorraine with her mother and father. I've grown fond of Caroline because she was feisty, tough, and not afraid to do things her own way. Though admirable, these traits caused her much trouble. Here are some of her experiences...

1836 Parisian Cafe

I had a dream recently that began as many dreams do...with no sense of "real life" logic. I was in a large grassy clearing where a picnic was being held. There was an adolescent boy who was mentally impaired who considered it great sport to hurl jagged chunks of rock at the picnic-goers from a corner of the clearing. I was the only person seemingly aware of the random near-misses (the boy was not accurate at all).

Past Life as A Nazi Officer

I remember when I was small being glad I was not a soldier in this life! My dad was a veteran from Vietnam and I looked through his photos one day and saw an officer in uniform and I remember it reminded me of myself in my previous life. I have always been able to remember past lives for as long as I can remember (in this life). When I was in school and we studied WWII it was like talking about my home. When I became a teenager I put it aside until one day (years later) I saw an iron cross and flashes started to happen.

I Was a Musician in a Past Life

I've spent a lifetime "going back Jack" to research and investigate a lifetime that has haunted me throughout this one.

Born in 1952, in 1972 I experienced a flood of memories of a past life as a black, American male musician who lived and died between the years 1920 and 1943, "rode the rods" during the Great Depression and played "boogie-woogie blues" when music was King and Swing was the thing.

When I Was Celia

Celia was living around the 1960's. She lived in a place with lots of sun, and her favorite activities were walking and singing along to the radio.

Celia was tall and thin with light blonde,wavy hair that was cropped short.

She had non-verbal autism and lived with her grandmother before moving in with her cousin. He was a short, fat man who was not very attractive and wore a lot of brown suits. His apartment was also brown and he was amazed when one day I said

"Everything is brown."

My Past Life as Sophie

I think it was in the 70's or something. My name was Sophia and my sister's name was Dora. Our mother died early from some illness that she had been afflicted by for years. We were all darker skinned with dark hair but Mama had an Anglo-Saxon appearance and was tall.

She was almost always an invalid and our dad tried to force her to get better by feeling sorry for himself. He took a lot of it out on my older sister and expected her to raise me and do a lot of work. They did not get along very well.

At the River's Mercy: Possibly Neolithic Era

I just woke up as I'm posting this (7:20-ish AM, Pacific time). My head is still fuzzy but the memory is clear:

Death of a Roman soldier.

This will be short, the memory only being the last moments of my life.

My Past Life Day Dream Part 2

I don't know why, but someone wanted to kill me. Maybe it was my lover's admirer and future fiance. A group of men chased me, perhaps at his orders. I ran to the water. I ran straight into the waters, barefoot. I was always barefoot. When I got far enough out, I dove. I felt like a mermaid, so in my element. I dove deeper, eyes wide open. For a ways I could see. I saw jellies passing me. Moon jellies. After awhile, although a bit sad, some of the fear had worn off. I thought, if I am to die, at least it will be, looking at such beauty. A moon jelly brushed my leg. It tickled.

I Was an Empath

I can remember several past lives, but I've suffered the most from my most recent past life. After the first memoires I could tell I was a high sensitive person (HSP). But when I got more memoires and feelings from that life, I discovered I was very very sensitive for and aware of other people's feelings. I could feel other people's emotions, even when they didn't know they had that emotion. I've also a memory in which I healed the stomach ache from someone I really loved (my boyfriend during my teens).

Past Life Memories of WWII Bomber Crew

This is fairly new to me. Though, I can't think of any other logical explanation for the snapshots in my mind. As far back as I could remember, I have been obsessed with World War II aircraft. At the age of eight I could name off 85% - 90% of the aircraft used in WWII. I would read adult books regarding WWII and at the time my favorite book was a book showing WWII noseart. I would fly WWII flight simulators as a kid and spend hours in front of the pc flying missions. All of this while a Nintendo sat unplayed within the living room.

Memories of An Egyptian Ritual

I think I once experienced a ritual in Ancient Egypt :

WWII Russian Red Army

Since childhood, I have believed that I once served in the Russian Red Army between 1942 and 1943. Being a young girl in a primarily atheist family, nobody really took me seriously until they noticed some strange coincedences. I'll leave the coincedences out for now so I can describe what I've pieced together about my old life.

English Life Time – An Unclear vision

I have used Dick Sutphen’s pastlife regression CD’s several times now, but I am still not sure of the accuracy of the visions I get because it’s all based on trusting my feelings and what I visualize during a regression.

Chakras and Memories

I believe physical body and the energy body can be compared to LIGHT: it's both foton particles and waves of no weight; the physical is like the particles and the energy is the waves... I think the energy body has no separate organs, but that chakras are kind of whirlpools in energy waves.

Past Life Love

I had a past life dream one night last year, i finally found out what love feels like since i didn't know what it felt like or understood love (i have Asperger's syndrome which means i don't know how to act socially or understand feelings) I was living in America in the 1800's and that was all that i tried to work out (i am regretting it now) and this is (i am assuming) at a farm because of the clothes and because there was a barn outside and the house wasn't that clean or fancy.

Memory Salad?

So I recently meditated, and saw some pretty... strange things. I think some of it was my own input (it'll be clear why once I go into detail), but mostly it was a random daydream. I call it "memory salad" because it seems to be a compilation of memories - if anything. I'm not entirely sure it wasn't a daydream I'm making more out of than I should. (How do you know?)

There's this woman who is in what seems to be in a hurricane of sorts, calling out to her son. He is then covered by debris, and she starts calling out "Damon! Damon!"

Past Life Destiny in Current Life Soul Journey Observed

Past life Soul Destination is a reality in my life and after the last 24+ hours many of missing pieces are now in place that clearly show heaven planning my life mission and story of divine will for humanity to witness.

First Evidence.

About age 5-6 I declare to my father that when I grow I will be an artist and live in my home country. Father replies your just a child and you know nothing about life.

In 1st grade I was advance me to 6th grade Art.

I go on to get a 3 year grant for visual communications.

Vesuvius, 79 AD

I remember that we lived near Herculaneum. When you came through the front door, there was a room that was painted with some frescoes. The room I remember the most clearly was a room with frescoes with a scene of people that are mythological figures, but instead of the red background quite popular in frescoes in the homes of people I’ve visited, the background is green. The floors are inlaid tiles that have been set inside marble borders. In the central atrium (open courtyard), there is a shallow pool with a mosaic of Neptune. There are benches near it and there is a feeling of serenity.

Been Here Before

As a kid, two visions repeatedly showed up in my dreams. The first was being in a plane and circling an oval harbor. The second was being the pilot in a plane. The plane was climbing, pulling away from a brown stucco building with a red tile roof. There were palm trees and a beach near the building. There were two or three other men in the plane and we were rejoicing for some reason.

Deep love transcends War, Time, Space... Everything

I met my best friend on an elevator, and he is gorgeous. All the other women on the lift seemed to want to talk to him, but didn't have the nerve. From floor 10 to floor 19, I managed to strike up a conversation, exchange phone numbers and apartment numbers, and make plans to have lunch the next day. When our eyes met, it was like the whole world dropped away. It was light, and heat and energy, and it was dizzying. Well, I am happily married, so being with him wasn't an option. Fast forward 13 years; we're still super close, as close as close as can be.

Past Life, Tudor England

I've been trying out self-regression CDs in hopes of learning a bit more about some of my other past lives and I think I discovered some interesting memories.

I was walking through a very nice English manor house and down a huge staircase. There were tapestries on the walls which were white and the surface uneven (like plaster?) and I was running my hand along a wide banister. It seemed like there was a balcony of some sort on the 2nd level that looked down to the 1st floor. I was a young woman and I liked the house very much and I would pretend it was mine.


Ok, I have many prominent dreams of different lifetime incarnations. I almost don't know where to start. One in particular is affecting me physically for the past couple of months. In this particular dream/experience, I once had large wings attached right below my shoulder blades and I was a human form. In the dream I could physically feel the vibratory movements of these large wings as I flew and during this dream these wings degenerated into black mesh for some reason unknown.

Met My Son From a Past Life

I have run into a thing that is somewhat strange to me. Here goes the story:

My Daughter in law is My Mother Reincarnated

My Mom and I did not have a good or close relationship, I feared and felt intimidated by her rage and emotional issues, she was a very unhappy woman. Since her death in 1987 I've worked out all of my past feelings towards her and feel much love and compassion towards her. All of my visits with her in dreams now are good and loving.

Memories of My Father

I have many memories of my father from my previous life as Lisbet. We had a very close relationship that had it's ups and downs. We lived in a very remote part of the world, so family and friends were very few and far between. My mother had died very early in my life, possibly when she was giving birth to me. So it was just me and my father to keep each other's company for most of the time.

Random Past Life Memories as a Child

Hello, I've just joined, having 'lurked' for some time, trying to buck up the courage to write of my experiences, and have compiled a couple of past life memories that I have had ever since I became aware of existing here, in this lifetime... I apologise for the length of the post.

Memories of WWII German anti-tank infantry on the Eastern Front

I think what triggered my memories of my most recent past life is a statement that I made when I was still an elementary school kid, sixth grade. Out of the blue in front of my mom, I said “The Nazis are better than us.” I didn’t know why I said what I did, but I was severely corrected by my mother at the time. I had a friend over at the time, and even he told me “they would have killed you just for being different.”

Possible Past Life: Words in Dreams,Ancestral Dreams

I often see in dream words,names, I think because i read with the right hemisphere of my brain, not the left.

But I had the strangest ever dream last night,I dreamt some polish guy was standing with his body midway deep in a huge lake making a film called 'popyiel' ,he was pointing to the clouds saying how terrible it was that science had given new names to the clouds etc,i was really moved by what he was saying but then wasnt sure ,it was a very odd very short dream.

Past Life As a Monk

My husband guides me through a meditation and tells me to go through a tunnel. To my surprise after exiting the tunnel I continue in the dark. I can't see much but my hands guide me along a man-made wall underground. It seems to be made of large stone blocks. A stairway is somewhere ahead of me in the dark. This life holds several surprises for me. The year is around 1540. I am thirty years old and I am a monk. I am male and am slightly above average height. I have an olive complexion and my brown hair is cut in a tonsure. I wear a long brown robe and sandals.

Memory Fragments From Native American Life

When I first toyed with the idea of reincarnation I closed my eyes and thought, "I wonder if I can remember anything from past lives." Three flashes came to me in rapid succession. One of the flashes later was expanded upon in my regression to my life in Kenya. Another flash had an empty feeling to it and may have only been based on an old picture I saw of some ancestors. I'm still not sure about that one. The other flash, however, was so special to me that I kept revisiting it over and over in my mind even as I dismissed it.

South American Past Life

I had a life back in the days when Europeans were colonizing the New World. I lived somewhere in South or Central America (pretty sure it was not on one of the islands). The place were I lived was on the coast. There was a harbor and a little village, and an outpost there for soldiers. This was on a narrow strip of flat land along the beach. Behind that there were tall cliffs and a few large houses. Behind them was rainforest. Or jungle. Or maybe just a whole lot of trees. I'm not really sure what you'd call it.

Revolutionary War lifetime

I have always been strongly drawn to the American Revolutionary War time period and since I was about 9 or 10 believed I did live then. I actually remember when I was a kid and some days (particularly in the fall) I had this strong feeling of remembering and I called these "Massachusetts days" but I could not come up with any actual memories, just feelings.

Secret Execution: My Past Life Memories

An interesting dream I had about 6 weeks ago with all the characteristics of a past life memory, I was just wondering if anyone knows any information that could help me to verify this method of execution:

I saw myself as a grown man, and along with another man, we were being driven to an unknown destination by two other men. It was dark and raining very hard when we arrived at a wooden building, I'm not 100% sure that it was a wooden as I didn't pay too much attention to it.

Wisconsin Circa 1915

did a few regression sessions using one of the videos on YouTube and one of the past lives I saw is described below.

The name I got was Gloria (Claire?) Whitcolm (Whitcomb? Whitcome?)

Location was somewhere near Madison, Wisconsin

I was an attractive female – blond styled hair in a bun or something like that – shapely build – fairly tall – late 20’s or early 30’s? – well-groomed – great skin – nice lips – beige suit or dress with black/brown piping - hat w/black netting

My Polish Past Life Memory

I have a memory of being a little girl, maybe age 10 or so, in a group of little children rounded up and hanged in Poland several hundred years ago during some purge or pogrom or something. This memory came up some years ago when I was trying to work out why I am very intolerant of having things around my neck - like tight collars, scarves, etc. It makes me anxious to have anything even touching my neck at all tightly. I have been hanged more than once, but this one is pretty vivid.

Chinese Ribbon Dancers

I did a meditation yesterday that brought me to an interesting time and place. I was talking with a young girl, she was Chinese and she was showing me a blue bowl - that was round like a ball with an opening at the top that went into the center. It was beautifully crafted with delicate designs all around it.

Possible Reincarnation Related dream

About nine years ago I had this dream I never understood it at the time but over the years it seems to connect to some sort of story.

In it I was in the house of my g.grandfather x4 .I had visited this house once before in a dream.It was all sandstone.

In the dream I was sitting in the centre of the house near a fireplace.My parents were leaving the house through a very long hallway and my friend entered the house/hallway as they left?

My Past Life Story

In a rather recent regression about two months ago, I discovered that I was once a very spoiled, naughty child growing up somewhere in the UK in the late 1800s. It really surprised me just how vividly everything came back over me about that life, and in such a short time span.

I was able to discover my name had been Ruth, and was even able to draw a complete floorplan of the two-story house my father, brother and I lived in.

Military Coup: Dream of a Possible Past Life

Yesterday I had a dream; it probably means nothing but thought I should share it anyway because it was clear and interesting and does actually contains things indicating a past life memory.

In that dream I was in a city, strangely a city having the same structural design and citizen’s ethnicity of another city I saw in a past life regression a few months ago, it might be the same city.

Past Life With My Husband

When I first started dating my husband, we were hanging out and I had a spontaneous memory of he and I living in ancient Greece or Rome. I was a young boy about 8 or 9 years old. I remember running around the city in my bare feet wearing only a simple linen shift. I enjoyed the free feeling of my body movement and my feet on the hot dusty ground. My husband was my mentor and friend in that life, an older man in his 30's or 40's. He loved me very much and I loved him. But one day he started making sexual advances toward me, and I resisted him.

Previous Life Glimpses

If I'd just had the 1st image below, I probably would never have come here. But this morning, unbidden, I had a second image.

First was when I was meditating a few years ago:

Possible Iron Age Past Life

Hi all! Lately I started researching into European history, began with researching through the kings of the Scots, got to Kenneth MacAlpin, then Alfred the Great and then the Vikings and by now I think I made a big mess of it all

The thing is I am really at a loss here, and I would love to get some hints to guide me.

"Facts" I remember (very little):

A Past life Memory of the British Navy in the 1800.

It was very brief, but very clear. I was sitting alone in a public house, filled with noisy drunken men. It was very dimly lit in there, and there was a huge log fire burning to one side of the room, and the floor was wet and sticky with spilt ale, there was a lot of shouting and laughter going on. Here i am a woman, pretending to be a man, and i was here for a purpose.

Wondering if I Dipped My Feet in the River Rhone

Maybe this is nothing, but a dream.... but while I don't know if I even believe in reincarnation, I have these "possible" Past Life situations. And when rattling them off in a tongue in cheek, half serious way, I'd tell you I was in France. Last night, I dreamt I had visited a place with relatives in present life. We were on vacation. I woke up unsure if I'd been in Italy or France. But I remember a river. I wanted to put my feet in the water. I wanted to say I'd dipped my feet in it, so I waded out in it, picking up little pieces of things for souvenirs.

Past life Memory of an Orphanage or Asylum?

During a recent spell in hospital, a lot of the time I was in a semi-conscious state, sometimes due to my illness, and sometimes due to the drugs they gave me. While I was in this semi-conscious state, I had what I believed to be a past-life experience, a very brief flashback which seemed to repeat over and over for what seemed like hours.

Memories of Being in a Castle

Our story is long, but I have only one past memory in which I am certain he is present. I remember him as a great leader among a very ancient Scandinavian men. I was loved by him, but I was not the focus of his life. Many men surrounded and protected him and I was powerless in my position to assist him. The land was cold and the sun bright. I bid him farewell before a long diplomatic trip. I remember the way his skin felt on my cheek and the warmth of his fur-lined coats. I still get a chill when I hear that old Led Zepplin song, "Immigrant Song".

The Life of a Boy in Republican Rome

My son went to Rome a few months ago, and the pictures he showed afterwards started triggering some memories for me, especially the differents views of the Forum Romanum and the Palatine hill. I got flashes of those buildings when they were still complete and colourful. Since then I did a few meditations on it and this is what I could piece together thus far. I will try to post in what I think is the correct chronology, more or less.

Past Life Memories of Motherhood

Hello all! Being a parent, IMO, is one of the most powerful experiences one can go through. Having recently unveiled a very sweet memory of having been a mother in a PL, I thought I'd share it here.

This memory is of great comfort to me - it was not the easiest of lives and I did find endless solace in my children back then.

Do any other members have memories of their own that they would like to share (mothers and fathers too! ) - I would love to hear them!

Daughter of Freed Slaves

I did a meditation last weekend with my mom. I'd really been looking forward to it -it had been a while for both of us and unfortunately she got interrupted! Usually we have interesting experiences together - cross-overs and shared memories...but we haven't had a good one together for a very long time.

Mediterranean Past life?

Here is a possible past life memory that came back to me a few years ago. Its a memory I have about being about six years old in a past life that was in a war torn Country. This Country seems like it was a Mediterranean Country, and I had been an orphan because my Parents and Brothers and Sisters had been killed in that war and I think the house that I had lived in had burnt down. Well I was wandering around as a homeless orphan and there were three women that found me and took me into their home and they took care of me.

My Memories and Dreams

Here is a little bit about what brought me here: For as long as I can remember I have been dreaming of a life that is not my own. The dreams are always extremely vivid and leave a lasting impression on me even into the next day. They always seem to take place in what I think may be the 1800s. I’m not sure of the location. In the dreams I am just an average woman with a husband and son. I loved them both dearly. The dreams are mostly pleasant, except for one which always turns into a horrible nightmare.

Past Life Memories of Tibet

I don't know a lot about buddhism off the top of my head, but I had a dream some years ago and recently again- I never made sense of it. I think that's why I had it twice, and with so many years in between. I was absolutely consumed with terror the first time. I was twelve. I might have posted about it on here, but if I did, I found nothing about it.

Most Recent Past Life Memories

My name was Carol. I remember being a 'taxi-dancer' when I was young 17-18 maybe. It was in Paris although I was English between the great wars i.e. sometime in the 1930s I guess. For those not familiar with this term a taxi dancer was a girl who would dance with men for money. It was one step up from prostitution and often also a thinly disguised method of soliciting as well depending on the type of 'establishment' in question.

Past Life In Pre-Civil War New Orleans

At the age of approximately 23, I set about taking a placee. A place for those who haven’t heard the term before, were young ladies of colour who served as a mistress to wealthy white Creole gentlemen. As my family was of some prominence, I received an invitation to a ball given by the Societe Cordon Bleu, an association of wealthy and prominent families which presented their daughters for placage at balls which would be roughly approximate to debutante balls.

World War 2, Friendly Fire

Some of my earliest memories of childhood are of the nightmares that came all too often , and lasted into my High School years. Having been born in the early 1960's my Mother , and step dad really never delved into the cause of the termoil. This left me to try to figure out things on my own.
I grew up on farms and ranches, and from the time I was 5 years old I had to dig a foxhole everywhere I lived, including one at my grandparents place, and had my own .22 rifle by age 6, and was quite comfortable with a rifle in my hands.

Remembering My Siblings From a Past Life

The following was a brief flash in a meditation in March 2007, and it was pretty awful, as I could feel my PL-self panicking so strongly. It's from a Louisiana plantation towards the end of the 1700's:

My Own Scarlett Letter: Past Life Memories

My most recent past life seems to have ended only 6 years before my birth in this life. Most of what I have remembered is very disturbing to me, and I hate the person that I was in that life. The guilt is haunting me in this present life.

I was a man (I'm female now), in Maryland, born in 1942. My mother was Mary, a petite blonde woman who apparently loved sunglasses. My father, Henry, was tall, heavily built and dark haired. I have only had one memory of him so far, he died when I was very young. We were Catholic.

Remembering My Love

Martin and I. We were close my whole life. I was still little when his parents died. He must have been thirteen or fourteen - and I was a little over seven - when he came to live with us.
He looked so alone. My heart broke for him, because I couldn’t imagine how I would feel if I were left with no one in the whole world as he was. My Mam was a distant aunt - the only other family he had. He looked out of place and awkward. I told him that he could have my Mam and Tad as his own - and he looked at me silently, hiding a tear that threatened to run down that rosy cheek of his.

Past Life Memories of My First Love

I was wondering how many of you have experienced past-life memories of being young, and falling in love for the first time? I have two such memories that I'm particularly fond of from my former life as Lisbet. The latest memory came to me a few days ago, and I thought I'd share it here. This is the extract from my journal:

Journal of Past Life Memories From Different Lifetimes

I am going to share a few moments from a couple different lifetimes – that were taken from my journals. They're simple, and not extremely exciting -- but they highlight everday life -- and they are treasures to me.

From Italy:

Epilepsy in the 19th Century

When my mom was here we did a couple of shared meditations. During one of them I saw a flash of a young girl with dark hair, laid out for a funeral. She was a beautiful child – beautifully dressed, long dark hair, pale skin. She looked about 9 or 10 – and my main emotion was relief. I was relieved she was dead. Looking at her made me sad and uncomfortable. At the time – I didn’t recognize her as being ME.

That one incident triggered dreams – of being a child locked in a room and having my hair cut off:

Mi'kmaq Indians and Reincarnation

The strangest thing happened the other day. I reconnected with a friend from high school via a dating website. I was randomly looking through photos and noticed her in a picture from ten years ago. I was suddenly inexplicably drawn to her. I'm obsessed with the color green. Her eyes are this color. I never realized back then. I dropped everything and sent her a message. An hour later we were talking up a storm. We talked for close to 12 hours straight. We got fairly touchy and suddenly we both paused. At the same moment... We both realized that we had done this before.

Past Life in Russia

I was walking to work early one winter morning, wearing a cap with ear flaps that was lined with what looks like faux fur; the cap is slightly too large and comes down almost to my eyebrows, but I don't mind since at least it's warm.

Geisha Past-Life Memory?

I had a rather interesting experience in my last meditation and I thought I'd share it here, seeing as I can never think of anything else to post. :P

Pharmacy Owners, 19th Century

Impressions of this past life below are again all from the regressions almost five years ago. In the gap between then and now either none came to me because I had so much other things on my mind (and I believe you have to be open for the impressions to come) or I let them slide for the same reason.
To keep them genuine, free of any 'inventions' I might come up with while posting them, I'll post them word-by-word as they were written down in my journal on the day they came to me.

Quaker Past Life (Mid-Late 1700s)

The first thing I dreamed (remembered?) about is being with a soldier, and going with him to a Tory's (ie, Loyal to the British) house. From this I realized that I was Quakeress (a woman Quaker), about 20 (possibly late summer or early fall 1776). I also knew I was from Philadelphia and was in the Philadelphia or the Pennsylvania division of the army. I do have a general description of the soldier I was with-he was taller than I was, which would have made him roughly 6' or thereabouts, and had really red hair. We were in Philadelphia when this happened.

Past Life in Babylon/Persia/India?

I did a self-regression today with an open mind - and by that I mean there wasn't anything puzzling me and I wasn't expecting answers to any specific question. It seems I discovered a new past life as a result.

I'm not sure where or when it took place, but I'll list here things I got during the regression. I'll probably look more into this lifetime as time allows, but if other members want to help me with the exploration and validations, I'm happy to hear your suggestions and findings.

When a Past life Causes Present Pain

Part 1 – These are snippets of dreams/meditations as they were written at the time of the occurrence. I think it is important to share a few due to the time line of events involved.

November 2004
…. The instructor was this very old and wise woman. Think the old crone - grandmother willow type of lady. She was a tiny little woman about 5' tall (I know because I am this tall).

She said that in her vision she saw 6'5" and than the number 10 *I am almost positive it was 10 but I can't be certain about the 10 - The 6'5" I am certain*

A Regency Life

Well, I meditated again this morning and had yet another past life that involved water...a recurring theme it seems...

Romantic Past Life

First of all, I would like to say that I am not in any means trying to offend anybody in anyway by this post. It does involve sex, and I do know that some people aren't comfortable with discussing it or talking/hearing about it. However, I don't think that my thread is inappropriate in any way. I strongly believe that this is one of my past lives and would really like to share it and get some feedback!

Slavery During or Before Civil War

I love all my children more than life itself, but I have had such a hard time letting my boys go. My oldest son is 24 years old, and he got his drivers liscense 2 weeks ago. He has only been driving for 2 years. He has always respected my fears and "looked after me". He collects action figures and loves video games. I know you wish I would get to the point.

Past Life Memory Of An Abbess

Hmmm...This is something that I have been meditating on for awhile. It's neat but disturbing in that it involves a past connection to an old boyfriend.

Flashbacks: Medieval time. Early 1200s to 1400s based on internet research on my clothing. A small convent. I believe that it was situated in some part of what was considered France in those days.

Spontaneous Past Life Encounter

Over fall break I stayed with my great-uncle and great-aunt in New York.Now, my great-aunt Sarah and great-uncle Max are older people and live on a rather large farm and needed a little extra help around the farm, so thats why I agreed to stay with them over fall break. They have children, but they are all grown up and none of them live nearby. Their grandchildren came to stay too. Drew's 14 and Megan's 16, I'm 17.

Past Life at a Monastery during the 1300's Plague

I was a little girl named “Elisha” and I lived with my Aunt and her family. I considered them my parents – and her two sons were brothers to me. They used to tease me mercilessly about having a “boy’s name.” It was given to me by my mother – who was my Aunt’s sister. She was a nun at the abbey and I didn’t know her very well when I was really young, but I remember being a little bit in awe of someone “so close to God.”

Past Life Memory Of a Scribe

Hi There!

Here's a story of one of my flashbacks.I haven't researched anything so I will try to remember the flashback so to speak.

I am a young man. Mideast..Perhaps Roman or Egyptian(if that's possible). I am not too sure. I am sitting down putting marks onto something(not on paper but something thicker). I might had been a scribe or someone recording information. I was what might be considered a clerk of some sort. Beaucratic in nature and very busy. I was definately bored and overwhelmed.

Julie Myer - 1960's

As a young girl in the 60's I used to tell my mom that I am Julie Myer. My name is not even close to that. I used to remember things about this girl and think of her often around the ages of 6 or so.

My Earliest Past Life Memories

My earliest memories... (I didn't call them memories at that time) .. I was 13, or so. No more than that. With no apparent reason (I'm 37 now - there was no internet back then, information didn't come about quite as easily..) I developed a peculiar obsession for the British isles. I drove my mom crazy, kept asking if we could go and visit Scotland, for instance, or Ireland... And one day I woke up earlier than usual, right before sunrise.. and decided to write "a poem". It just came to me, the need to do it, the words I wanted to write.

Past life impressions with Sutphen CD

Okay, here are the two I know the most about. I took a past life regression class many years ago, and these two lives had the most details.

In the first one, it is sometime in medieval Europe. I feel it was in the region of Germany. My family had a hunting lodge in the mountains, and my children and I were there for safety while my husband was away. I remember having nice clothing, and my long blond hair was braided with ribbons. I had three children, who were the reason my heart beat every day. I loved them more than anything.

My Two Past Lives

Okay, here are the two I know the most about. I took a past life regression class many years ago, and these two lives had the most details.

In the first one, it is sometime in medieval Europe. I feel it was in the region of Germany. My family had a hunting lodge in the mountains, and my children and I were there for safety while my husband was away. I remember having nice clothing, and my long blond hair was braided with ribbons. I had three children, who were the reason my heart beat every day. I loved them more than anything.

Possible Past Life Vision

Many years ago, I would suffer from awful nightmares. I was going through a spiritual awakening; trying to understand why I was here (still working on that one). In reading about dreams and trying to interpret my own, one thing led to another, and I found myself attending meetings of the Friend's of Jung. A great deal of Jungian psychology is over my head but I did learn quite a lot.

Recurring Childhood Dream - Falling Down a Well

As a child I had a recurring dream that was always the same. I was falling down a well - I never saw what was above or outside the well, or knew why I was falling. The dream always began with me falling in the well which was made up of old gray stones which were damp and moss-covered. It got darker and darker as I fell and I do not recall ever having the experience of hitting the bottom. The odd things about this dream were that while I was falling, I actually FELT the falling sensation in the pit of my stomach, and generally woke up with a gasp and a start when it was over.

An Odd Memory

Well, I've been having an occasional dream about a stark white room in a hospital of some sort located in Oxford. Was a young boy wearing a cream-yellow sweater dappled with brown spots on the collar. Named Jonathan Cambridge. The year '1873' came to mind when I thought about the date, but I was less concerned with such matters and more concerned with the overwhelming nausea and headache I had. My body felt sore, somewhat itchy in places - and I couldn't speak without having a rasp in my throat or a jolt of soreness.

WWII Memory or Just a Dream?

A couple nights ago, I dreamed that I was a young girl (teens or *maybe* early 20's) to a somewhat prominent German family. When the dream started, I was outside. There was snow on the ground and covered trucks were "roaming" and loading up people. I was a couple blocks away from the house [where I worked] and there was a snow-covered grave yard between myself and the house in which I worked. I got some papers from some man man and I ran to the house as quickly as I could. I gave the papers to the woman I worked for. The papers were informational on various people.

I Remember The Holocaust

I remember the beginning years of the holocaust. I was born around 1920. I am unsure of my birth country. I grew up in a middle class family with an Orthodox faith. I married at the age of 18 and had a beautiful son with curly hair. A group of women that included my sister, me and our children were confined to a tiny concentration camp that was destroyed upon our departure. I cannot remember it's name. In or around 1939 we were deported to Ravensbrook. My most vivid memory is getting off the train and standing on the platform.

Life During WWII

Hi everyone,

Thought I would share this here. What do you guys think?

In sequential dreams over a relatively short period of time, I saw myself as a Luftwaffe pilot by the name Karl Hess or Heiss.

Nazi Regime Era

Here is what I remember:I was standing in a long line of people in the basement of a building; the lighting was very poor and there was a stuffy smell in the air. The people were dressed in browns and other dark colors, and both the men and women wore hats. I stood with my family, but only my mother really stuck out in my dreams. She acted very flighty. She wrung her hands and was speaking to herself, which is very different from how my mother acts in real life. In the dream I am younger, about twelve or thirteen years old, but my mother’s behavior doesn’t worry me or frighten me.

WW II Bombed City

I had three strange dreams the last few months.
It started with a documentary I saw on television about the reopening of the Frauenkirche (Cathedral) in Dresden.
I only watched for a few minutes and then I moved on to another television show.

A few nights later I had a dream, I was home and I heard a "thunder" in the distance.
And all I could think of was: they're going to bomb my house.
The thunder became harder and harder and I woke up.
Actually my neighbour woke me up because he tried to get his new bed upstairs and this made a lot of noise

WWII Memories

Hi everyone, I don't think I've posted on here since about a year ago now and back then I didn't even really believe in Reincarnation even a little bit but it's funny how your opinion can change about something when you open up your mind and look at things from a different viewpoint I also believe in Karma now too.

My Holocaust Dreams

I had the first dream when I was five:
I lived with Mutti and Papa and my brother in Berlin, in a large and beautiful house with many rooms and a sweeping marble staircase. We had all gone to bed one evening, when I heard the wooden front door open, and shouts and the clang of steel toed boots as they came pounding up the stairs, "Rausch, rausch!

Dreams that seem more like memories

When I was 16 I started having a dream where I was waltzing with a Union soldier that was my fiancee. It was more like a memory than a dream I could hear the music and see the ballroom and see everyone that was there. I got married and the dream stopped. Then I got divorced and moved back to NE and then the dream started again picking up where it left off getting longer and more vivid each time I had it. The Union soldier, Stephen went from capt to major and we were married and he had a huge black horse named Black Jack. My name was Lea.

A Very Short Past Life

Hello! I am new here. And I am so glad I found this website. This is going to be long.

When I was very young (perhaps no older than 3 or four) I had horrible dreams of being chased through the darkness, always hiding from people, and desperately wanting my mother. In some dreams, I was in a small dark place where I could see small cracks of light; in others I am surrounded by skeletons who are separating my mother and I. I cannot remember if the person in the dreams is the mother I have now or a mother I once had. There is often the eerie sound of a fire whistle.

Past Life Memories Shot Down in WWII

Hello to all. I have never been a big "believer" in things, but recent events have changed that. I was casually talking to a pretty young woman at a wedding about nothing heavier than the weather, when she just blurts out to me, "you and your wife are both walk-ins, and you (meaning me) need to let go of your violent death." I asked her what she meant and she just answered, "i say what I see." Since then I dream nightly of being a fighter pilot for the RAF in the Battle of Britan.

WWII Death Camp Past Life Memories

I remember being in a Nazi camp and I was standing by the railroad tracks. I was a woman about 26 years old and my son was about 8 years old. A soldier came over and asked me a question-I answered, but apparently he didn't like the answer, because he said something like "oh yeah. Ok well we'll see about that." I don't know what I said, but I know I was a quiet woman and I wouldn't start any trouble on purpose. After that he took my son from me-right out of my arms-and I can still feel what it felt like to this day. It's like someone tearing my heart out.

Holocaust Past Life

I'm a high school girl who has recently been having experiences which lead me to believe I was a victim of the Holocaust in a past life. I feel that my experiences in that life have been negatively affecting this life and I had some questions. I'm sorry if it isn't protocol to put them here--I've been feeling quite desperate and this is my only method of getting answers. Everything I've read here has been incredibly intelligent and compassionate and I was hoping beyond hope that someone could help me.

Past Life Visions

My first vision I recall was so vivid although I cannot recall the exact year, definately the 15th century in Scotland.

Old Time Medicine

Remember what passed for medical treatment back in the old days? I have a distinct recollection from my life as a Mongol boy.

I was lying on a low cot made of felt or some heavy cloth on a wooden frame. It was in a tent or yurt made of the same type of cloth. The interior of the place was quite dark, although it was daylight outside.

I had a bad toothache, felt feverish, and kept crying to see my uncle.

Flashback of Girl's Life

I've had two different types of past life visions.
The first is one single flashback, a time when i was in a meditative state, i got to view an event which was similar to a movie - only i could smell, feel, think and everything was vivid.

My Traumatic Dream- Past Life or Imagination

Recently I had my first Past Life regression therapy session. And when I left I had decided it would be my last. I wasn't accepting in my critical mind what my brain "saw" in the session. I attribute it to my imagination because it was too spotty and not solid enough to make any sense anyway. So I figured I will just have to settle for that and be happy with the unknown.

Past Life Memory: Gypsy Life & Culture

I’ve had two lifetimes with the Gypsies. The one I’m going to share a little about – is from Romania in the early 1500’s.

What I remember – is a big, loving family “group” moving together. My mother was a street performer – a musician. She had many other skills and means of earning money for our survival. If someone didn’t have enough, the other members of the community assisted them, so there was never a question of going without.

My Past Life Memories So Far

Everything is really choppy, all I have are small little snippets that don't really make alot of sense, and I don't know how to get more in depth in my recall.

1. Standing outside Pochentong International Airport (now called Phnom Penh International Airport) circa maybe early 1970's, speaking with a group of people and talking in Khmer. But I don't know exactly what I said (I only speak basic Khmer right now), it's in first person view so I see the area around me and the people around me, but I don't know what I look like.

Scotland - Memories of Music and Mother

In October of last year I started piecing together a Scottish life. My name was Caitlin (pronounced Kat-leen). I was the only child of a judge named Alasdair and his wife Caitriona (pronounced Ka-tree-na).

My Immediate Past Life, 1920(?) - 1957(?) Pearl Harbor, The Great Depression

I must have been born around 1920. Fox Hall, near Tuam, Co. Galway. Ireland was in the throes of a civil war; my parents (don’t know which side they were on, indeed, or if they were of the Anglo-Irish Ascendency), decided that Ireland was not a suitable place to bring up children, so we emigrated to America.

[Fox Hall – when I started going to primary school, aged around five, the sight of the school building standing tall with its weather-vane prompted me to say to myself ‘Fox Hall’.]

Recurring Past Life Memory

I wanted to post about various memories and emotions that I've had since i was little...some of them I think are past life memories...others probably aren't.

I Remember giving Birth in a Past Life

I am a young girl around 15 or so. I am pregnant and deep in child birth but I am so tired and I am afraid and alone. I have a deep yearning for my mother which makes my heart break because she hates me for disgracing our family. I am in a small room alone and I am not married. I am very cold and the pain is unbearable making me shiver uncontrollably. My legs are bent up and they shake so badly back and forth and I feel the bed creak from the shaking.

A Little Girl From 1912

Hello. Very nice to meet everyone. My name is Heidi. I am 31 and currently have a 10 year old son. I have been bombarded with memories and dreams of a little girl age 4. These memories are also accompanied by many visions of the Titanic. I realize many of you have probably heard of many stories relating to Titanic memories, yet I have so many dreams about it, I know I was there. Things such as chills out of nowhere, and as the water gets colder in the shower, I cannot deal with the fear. The little girl I was previously describing was a third class passenger that was a stowaway.

World War II Dream

Since I was but a small child, two periods in time have fascinated me: the 1930s-1940s and the 1500s-1600s. In the case of the former, it is WWII that interests me the most, and the court of Queen Elizabeth I of England that interests me in the latter. I have a deep love for the people, music, clothing and events of both time periods and have often been told that I was born in the wrong day and age.

World War II Dream

Since I was but a small child, two periods in time have fascinated me: the 1930s-1940s and the 1500s-1600s. In the case of the former, it is WWII that interests me the most, and the court of Queen Elizabeth I of England that interests me in the latter. I have a deep love for the people, music, clothing and events of both time periods and have often been told that I was born in the wrong day and age.

Happy Visions of My Past Life

Just before falling asleep the night before yesterday, I had this PL vision. I saw everything very clearly, also the emotions I felt were very real, and it was a happy memory, although it doesn't seem to belong to a PL that I already know about. This was totally new.

My Past Life Dream Of Edinburgh Castle

Hello all, I had this Past Life dream last night about the Edinburgh Castle. Somebody were attacking it and I was on a defending side, but I think I was a woman with an about 10 year old son. The attack was a surprise and we just got in the middle of it by accident (from our point of view).

I think this happened hundreds of years ago. A couple of possibilities are the fights that took place during 1296-1314 between the Scots and the English, or the fights during 1571-3 that had to do with Mary, Queen of Scots.

Past Life Memories of the Alhambra

It all began when I visited the Alhambra two years ago. I enjoyed walking through it so much, and I nearly started to cry when they were closing and I had to leave...There were many places in it that gave me a strange feeling of familiarity, above all the highest watchtower and the ruins of the Nasrid palaces, but also the ruins of houses in the Alcazaba, the military part of the Alhambra (on the right in the first picture on the page).

Past Life dream?

I have the sensation that it was a Past Life dream, but almost everything in it was modern. I was a monk, but I'm not sure of what culture. I saw the heavy robes that one commonly associates with a figure like, say, Friar Tuck, but nobody I saw was wearing a tonsure. They were shaved bald.

Past Life Dream of The 1820's?

I was in a grand flat, it was a wealthy home, the interior decoration hinting at the 19th century – in my dream I felt 1820's, but it could be later than that.

We were three people there: me, a man and his wife. I think I was a maid, but it's hard to say entirely, because focus shifted – sometimes I saw something from the eyes of the man, other times I saw it through his wife's eyes and I was also present where I don't think they would have wanted a maid to be present.

Past Life as a Mixed-Race Girl

Last night, I decided to regress myself back to a possible life with a friend of mine. I remembered how I was regressed back to Elzbeth's life and I decided to try this technique, just to see if I came up with anything. This might be a bit long, but I want to know if anyone can make sense out of what I "saw".

The technique used to regress me back to a previous life went like this...

Past Life: Revolutionary War General

I joined because often times I've had dreams, visions, memories, and things that spark memories. I believe I was a high ranking officer in the American Revolutionary War, possibly a General. I know nothing about the Revolutionary War or any other wars except the current Iraq war from the news, I was never into History much. I keep having the same memories of wearing an old uniform with large buttons going up the middle and a part of the uniform around the neck area has an open flap that has a strap at the end of the flap that goes over the shoulder.

Flemish Past Life in the Eighty Years' War

A while ago I posted a memory of being captured by the enemy and hanged in what I took to be the English Civil War - the clothes and weapons looked as if they were from the 1640s. I didn't do any further research, though, since I keep having memories of two other lives almost daily, and that keeps me busy enough

A Dream or a Memory

I had an odd dream a few months ago unlike anything I've had before.
It takes place in Japan I believe. Its war time. We are being attacked. Men are loading people onto trucks(or something like them,a big vehicle.) to get them away from the area but I realize someone I care for isnt with us. I know I have to find them. I run back into the area. People start yelling at each other to run. A bomb is dropped I think.

Irish Orphanage Memory

About 25 years ago I had a spontaneous dream of being in a very poor orphanage somewhere in the north of Ireland. I have been there all my life and am now in my teens I think. I am small framed, short and have black curly hair. Conditions are terrible, there are so many children to take care of with almost nothing. I'm old enough to leave but I don't because I won't leave the little ones to the English who seem to be somehow in charge of the place, and I have nowhere to go anyway. There is a young man there with me, somehow we both grew up there and he helps me. He is tall and red haired.

Past Life Memories - Dublin Ireland Part 2

There is a girl about 9 standing by the window looking out. I ask her what her name is and she says, “Catherine.” I ask her why she’s crying and she tells me she misses her parents. They died – and she was sent here. She asks when I came here and I tell her when I was a baby.

Past Life Memories - Dublin Ireland Part 1

It’s Ireland – Dublin, I feel. I am about 6 years old. I am working in some sort of room with other children. I am making lace (?) Two men are walking around – watching what we are doing. Someone is calling me Sarah, tugging at my sleeve. I look down – it’s a younger girl, perhaps 4. I know her name is Bridget. She’s not my sister, but I watch over her. I am scared and tell her to get back to work before we get in trouble.

RMS Titanic - 3rd class passenger

I've sort of stumbled across your site while looking to see if there were many others who had memories of being aboard the Titanic in a past life. I have a few, and combined with some of my seemingly irrational phobias, they leave me with little else to conclude. I was aboard the Titanic.

Death Memories: Hanged in My Past Life

Well, here is what I can remember. The dream started out as I was being carried through the woods by two men who were obviously some kind of guards or police. I was in a nice dress with a flowery print. I would say it was likely the 1700s. I've wondered if the hanging was related to the Reign of Terror, though possibly outside of France in some other part of Europe. They took me to a large stone building in a field. Inside the building, which was maybe a prison, there was a very tall pole that they were using to hang people.

My Memories from Childhood

1. Being on something like a boat that moved laterally, and instantaneously. I know I was leaving and always turned to a man with piercing blue eyes and said, "I'm afraid I will not recognize you." His response being, "Do you trust me?" I then did some kind of scan that I can't describe, but I knew overwhelmingly I did trust him. After confirming this to him, he always said, "I will remember and I will find you, no matter what." Then I recall his voice behind me saying, "I'm behind you. Eight months."

A Dream of my WWII Lifetime

All my life, I've been strongly attracted to the WWII era, to the fashion, music, and history. I am American in this lifetime, but my interest in WWII has predominantly been in the German experience of WWII. My father, who was born the year after WWII ended and was later in the military, is also a WWII history buff and was particularly interested in the Luftwaffe.


I was drifting into a nap when an ugly scene unfolded in my mind. I sincerely hope this wasn't me!

I was German and Fought In WWI

Theory and Practice. Theory: I've spent many years as a student of the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I have read quite a bit of the Vedic literature (ancient stuff written first in Sanskrit). From these sources, and from fellow-travellers, you pick up all kinds of bits of information on reincarnation.

Was I Islamic, (Muslim) in a Past Life

I had this really bizarre dream that sort of lingered with me that kind of reminds me of this. In my dream I can't remember what I was doing but suddenly I was sort of "snapped" into a very vivid sort of state where the sky was really blue and it was a really beautiful day and suddenly I had dropped to my knees, my face pressed into the grass, and I was praying. Not just ordinary prayer, but praying in Arabic to Allah.

Memories from another life

There is a city glowing green in the night, tinted like emeralds in a deep chasm of overwhelming darkness. Underneath this city is a long tunnel, made of clay and other earthen materials, where a weathered metallic vehicular craft with swirling designs drove me around to various destinations. It was oval-shaped, with rectangular beams shooting out the front. Is this just a really, really vivid or potentially lucid dream? I rarely remember dreams and have never lucid dreamt so I don't see how that is likely. Then, are these memories from a past life?

My Past Life that No One Believed

I'm happy that I found you all. My story is this.

I am Macedonian, I was born in 1966 and we moved to the states in 1970. When I was 8 and 13 we went back to visit. I had never expereinced anything unusual growing up and I had memories that I thought were from the time I was 4 or 5 before we moved to the States.

On our trip back to Macedonia when I was thirteen we took a side trip to a tourist destination within my country which my parents said we had never visited. We took a long 3 hour bus ride to get to this location.

Recurring Dream of a Tree Falling on Me

I'm not a beliver in ghosts or bigfoot or any of that stuff but occasional comments have made me think about one experiance I've had that that I'm still puzzled by over 30 years later. When I was a small child (between the ages of 3 and 5) I used to have a recurring dream (I wont call it a nightmare but it wasnt what you would call pleasent). Not in itself anything unusual. However this dream was very vivid and to this day I remember it as if it happened last night. I've never shook this dream off and even to this day I;ve never had a dream as powerfull as this one.

20th Century New York

I have some fragmented information about two lives, both take place in the United States. In the first one, I was in New York in the 1920´s in front of a furniture store. I saw the owner´s name, Paternak. I obviously had something to do with this person.

In another dream I was in the middle of nowhere - but obviously in some southern state of the USA in the 1950´s. I was worried about writings on the walls of a certain house - the texts were written there by chicken blood. This is very little information, but by other ways I´ve found out who I probably was.

Dream of Dying and Being Reborn

About six months ago, I had a dream in which I died. In the dream there was the light, very small and faint, and as I grew aware that I was dying, the light grew brighter. And just like near death experiences related by others, the light was at the end of a tunnel. But as I was near the end of the tunnel and about to pass through, I began to realize that the tunnel was actually the womb, and I was being born. The light was so bright because the womb was so dark. And then, I was born.

Two Brothers Drowning

I did not think that I would do this, but I have come to the conclusion that I would rather take a chance and put this out there, than wonder all of the 'what if's'.

My Past Life In the Middle of the SINO-FRANCO WAR

This all began when I watched a movie about SINO-JAPANESE WAR . This movie drove me to seek the history about this war. I opened a site in the internet ( about this war. There were some good pictures from Japanese’s view. There was a picture that triggered an impression. This picture was about a column of captive Chinese soldiers waiting to be beheaded by Japanese. My impression when I watched this picture was “ the captive Chinese soldier were my fellows “. I felt it was not right they were threatened like that.

Past Life Flashback

Last night we were watching an episode of "America Unearthed". They were talking about the copper culture around Minnesota and were throwing about ideas of very early contact with the Minoans. I was listening more than watching, but they said the phrase "...5,000 years ago..." and I snapped my head up. On the TV was a shot of an island in the lake. I had a brief flashback of the "crunchiness" of the ground beneath bare feet. I'm on a shore, but not an island. The terrain (forest) looks the same, though. I'm a little tanned and am wearing soft leathers.

World War I, Love and Loss

I wanted to share this story with you, it’s still very new and I’m afraid I’m still making sense of it all! Something triggered my memory in October and since then I seem to be remembering things in clearer detail. Where once I only had vague feelings about a couple of lives, now I have a definite impression of the life I lived directly before this one. I've gone into some detail here, about the process of uncovering it all, sorry if it's too much!

My Danish Past Life Memories

Here is one possible PL memories from when I was about 4, that I had always thought were dreams (though they 'felt' different than my other dreams, more like I was actually there, visiting, walking around!). I don't know how old I am in the dream, but I feel like I'm not young, not old, maybe in early 20's, and male (I am female now). I am looking at a stone house, it is very simple, just big and small stones and mud/mortar.

My Life as a Writer

I've shared this privately with a few folks, since I'm not much on posting this sort of thing on the open forum. For whatever reason, decided to give it a shot, so here goes.

Hiking Memory

I like to hike. Ever since I can remember I love to hike on. To just keep walking to distant places. I believe this to be due to a past life.

Renaissance Florence, Italy, 15th Century

I've read such interesting stories, and I wanted to tell my own as well.
I've had a life as a small girl in England in the Victorian period of time, and one as a boy soprano in Italy, propably in the 18th century.

USA Past Life 1800's

I just wanted to share that I have at least what I think are two past life memories that are causing me a lot of misery in this life. Most people would think I am crazy if I told them this.

Past Life Memory:Little Wolf

Little Wolf lived long ago before there was an awareness of white men, ships, cities, or even townships, though there were stories among the Elders and Traders about people across the Big Water. I believe she was an Eastern Woodland Indian because of the coast line, tree types, plants, animals, and because the plains with buffalo (tho she didn't call them that) are to the west and 'the place where there's no winter' is to the south. And the place of the Big Ice is to the north. Her mother's name was Flowering Meadow. Her father was White Fox's Uncle, tho she called him Uncle.

Germany in the 1550's

I have only shared with the innermost details of this life with one other person. It is interesting to note — that I recognize several people from that lifetime in my present one – and the revelations were somewhat startling -- at least to me!

I will share a few memories and validations, from what I believe are Anabaptist times.

Quotes from my journal are in italics throughout:

Past Life in St. Louis

Shortly after I became a member here, I tried Buhlman’s OM CD, with mixed results, since I didn’t have headphones to filter out noises. Last evening, I finally was able to use headphones for the first time, and the experience was very much a success. While I also have the self-guided CD, the old OM CD is the one I decided to use.

Past Life Visions of India

I met this chap quite a long time ago. We moved in the same social circle of artistic people who had interest in exotic cultures, this is how we met. He visited me a couple of times and we just chatted away, but nothing special. I thought he is a sympathetic character, but slightly odd, like a forest fairy or something. One could almost see the moss, grass and dried leaves tangling from his hair. A year or two passed, I did not see him. Then he surfaced again and he had changed somehow, smartened up and looked more sophisticated. I suddenly felt attracted to him.

Nightmares and Past Life Memories as a Boy

For as long as I can remember I have been subject to the most horrific nightmares that I learned to control. Very recently I have discovered the main if not THE cause. I have become aware that I have had something LOCKED inside me that I could not face and now I know what it is.

About 3 or 4 days ago I was half asleep when I started to see myself as a young boy being loaded onto a train. It was just a goods wagon of some sort without windows and I was loaded without my family, I have no idea where they were. I am certain I was 7 years old.

Titanic Past Life Memories

I was on the Titanic in my past life. I am 19, not married, and really do not have much dating experience because of no decent guys but anyhow I remember meeting my past and future life husband in the Titanic. I was a first class passenger. I remember being out on the deck, and seeing this man from the distance. I remember faking sea sickness or something to get out of some social thing my family was going to so I could track the man down and find out his name. I remember hiding around corners because if anyone saw me it would be a giveway I wasn't sick.

Titanic Past Lives Part 1

I have memories of being on the Titanic, I know that I'm a little girl because I have to look up at everyone.

Chess Player in Past Life

This ought to be a nice long interesting post. I am 25 by the way.

Ok, first off --- until 5 years or so ago I had no knowledge of reincarnation, no idea about it, and I did not believe in it even in the slightest.

During the last 5 or so years of my life, something very strange has happened... Slowly, but steadily --- I have increased in knowledge and in a strange way I feel that I am not who I think I am. Even the world around me continues to seem more and more foreign and strange to me, even though I make my living based on technology.

Past Life Memories of My Teens Years

Description of area where I lived during my teens:

I have a few faint flashbacks of my mother meeting and marrying my step dad, and of moving from the tenements into another house, but my most vivid memories are of the period and area where I lived from the ages of 13 to 15...I believe that some of my vivid memory fragments of this area may provide good clues about the area and the time period--(I believe this area I have so many flashbacks of may have been in the S Bronx, but I'm not absolutely certain).

My Past Life Memory Breakthrough

IN MY PRESENT LIFE, I was born in 1940 in Los Angeles CA... I have one brother," Michael," who's two and a half years younger than me...When I was a young child first beginning to explore my LA neighborhood, I can remember looking everywhere for a creek I was sure I would find somewhere near my home.

Vivid Past Life Memories of 1930s, New York

I have hoped for SO many years that I would be able to find the exact area that I have so many vivid PL flashbacks of (somewhere in NY) and to find members of my PL family (younger siblings) who may still be living,-- but after many years of searching, giving up, and trying again and again, I find it hard to believe that I ever will be able to find my past...Most of the time I'm able to push my many vivid PL flashbacks to the back of my mind, but then one day I see a little boy who looks like my (PL) brother Johnny (or some other person or event triggers a PL memory)-- and then all those ol

A Few of My Memories

Last life: happy life with three kids, loved my husband incredibly, we were pretty average except being a somewhat interracial couple in the 50's (Hispanic & Irish, but both attended same Catholic church) only thing dramatic was our deaths--in a house fire while our children were still young. But I had a lovely dream one day when I was first married about how this man and I had met and how he proposed (and woke up feeling terribly guilty for the love I felt for this person until I looked at my husband and realized it was the same man, in a different body).

Memories of Ireland Year 1050-1100

I was regressed a couple of months ago, and just prior to that, I had been having the same dream over and over. I felt that I was about 14 years old, about 5'6", had beautifully long curly brown hair (which I still have today, just not THAT long), green eyes, and I was wearing a long gown; I was laying on lush grass which wasn't far from a cliff (you could see it in the distance), and there was a large teenage boy (muscular), laying beside me. No one was around and we were just dreaming/planning for the future.

Egyptian Past Life Memories

A few weeks ago I got a glimpse of a possible PL in Egypt. It was not a pleasant memory.

Past Life Deaths and Current Infertility Link

I've been told that I died from stomach wounds in the Civil War and WWI (two different regression therapists have told me about this).

When I was a baby in this life, I had a terrible intestinal blockage (some sort of diverticulitis), major surgery, very very nearly died and I have a lot of scar tissue.

Some of My Past Life Memories

These are some memories I had:
A young girl, daughter of a plantation owner. My daddy is a very nice man, I don't feel the presence of a mother.
I like playing with the kids of the slaves, but my daddy doesn't like it, he says its not appropriate. I am disappointed, and from then on I only play with the black kids when my daddy is not around. I know he is nice and treats the slaves well.

My Past Life Stories

I just thought if anyone was interested I'd share some of what I found in my past lives. Maybe others might want to do the same and they're welcome. I personally love to hear about what others have found and how it has affected their present lives.

My Past Life Memory As Francis

This is probably only the first installment.
I held off for a couple days because I didn't
know where to begin. Finally, I decided to
begin with the 'dream' that made it obvious
to me something unusual was happening.

One night when I was sixteen years old, I
went to sleep as usual. At some point, I went
into the dream state as we cycle in and out
of normally, and my concious mind 'seemed' to
transfer into the body of a small child.

Prebirth Planning

I have had impressions received in the form of visions of my pre-birth planning sessions with guidance and other soul mates. The event was wonderfully detailed and incredibly emotional (in a good way…unbelievable levels of unconditional love) and I was surrounded by everyone I could imagine knowing…everyone who was going to be playing a role in my life, and me in theirs.

Memories of The Afterlife

Soon after remembering the details of how I died, I had some After-death flashbacks come to me. After I drowned, I believe I went into a deep sleep until I was rested.I woke up as if from a deep peaceful sleep.

Memories of What happened after I Died

I had a quick flashback of the day of my funeral. I saw my family and others sitting out side on fold-up chairs near the plot where I was about to be buried. I had the impression of there being a church building or funeral parlor to the left-rear of where everyone was seated. I remember seeing a quick glimpse of my baby brother, (who was a toddler at the time). I noticed that he was with his grandmother (my step-father’s mother) and I was surprised to see him there.

Variances of Time

It is really a little difficult to decide how to explain, but basically, I saw several channels of time. Almost like an onion, with the skins of the onion all moving upon and within and around each other with varying speeds… it was like the speed of time, as we know it, didn’t exist, or rather it did exist, but was only one of many different speeds of time, and I could see all the different variances of time superimposed upon each other. I’m sorry, if this is really not making any sense!

Does the mind really wander when we sleep? (or a possible past life in India?)

I've been thinking a lot, since the topic of dreams and memories is an important topic here.

Many people seem to criticize them because they think that they can be easily confused with other memories and that they just aren't reliable.

I've also read that people think that your mind may wander when it sleeps and it may experience other people's dreams or that you have access to your subconscious where you past life memories are stored.

Past lives from opposing forces in WWII Part 2 (My Sons Story)

Once I became pregnant with my oldest child (he is now almost 6), my obsession to read and watch anything relating to the holocaust abruptly stopped. I had moved during that time and never unpacked my books or movies and even stopped listening to swing music. I had my wonderful son, and life went on without much thought about WWII as my reading interest were more geared toward parenting and development. One day when he was barely 2 on our way to school he said “mommy I don’t want to go to Germany’.

Past lives from opposing forces in WWII

Sorry for this being so long, but two people’s past lives to put together takes up a lot of space apparently. It is comforting at some level to know that I am not the only one who has gone through past life memories and neither is my child, but could someone explain how people who lived seemingly opposing lives previously have been brought together like this?

Coincidence or Reincarnation Memories

A memory is clear, such as remembering a one armed man that sold apples. Hopefully, it’s something that can be verified through research and then proven as a validated memory. They are sort of binary in that case, in that they are either true or unproven. However I think they are more easily believed in that they include a lack of foreknowledge which implies they are free from bias.

Past Life Impressions

I have always associated the name Sarah for my past life in 1800′s.Perhaps it was my wife or daughter’s name. Here are some excerpts about the trail of tears I got from some websites.

-Twenty-eight hundred Cherokee were divided into three detachments, each accompanied by a military office, a corps of assistants, and two physicians. The first group with about 800 in the party departed June 6, with the other two detachments starting after the fifteenth of June.

Medieval Memories

I saw a movie with Kevin Branagh starring in Shakespeare's Henry V which glorified the Battle of Agincourt and made famous the St Crispin's/Crispian's day holiday and popularized the term "Band of Brothers". For some reason it left me in shock; I was angry and sad and felt remarkably bereft and was left with a sense of hopelessness.

Triggered Recall

Watching the video "The Ghost Inside My Child" sparked recall when one of the Mother's spoke about her child referencing another Mother from before. I have read about this online and heard professionals speak about this, but - I have never seen an actual Mother speak about it with an emotional response. That is what triggered recall of my relationship with my own Mom. I forgot about my 'childhood' when I turned 18, but my Mom would never let me forget "the hardship it was to get you to address me properly by calling me Mom." I swear I never heard the end of it - even as an adult.

I's Heziah, and we's fishin

A couple of years ago I was doing Wolger's reincarnation tape off and on. I had always felt a strong connection to a childhood friend I hadn't seen in 30 years. One day I decided what the H and I googled her name. She is a professor of one of the biological sciences at a large university. We made contact, and were still friends. When we were children, we used to pretend we were Lewis and Clark and called ourselves with those names--I'm distantly related to Lewis, and she to Clark, and what we loved most to do was explore outdoors.

Last Life Possibilities

Have been managing to work through 2 of my past lifes so am going to share what i can of the most recent.
Often my dreams are based in the present which can make it a bit difficult so I go by feelings and flashbacks for places and times. Obviously I may get these wrong so am only putting together now I feel I must be about 70/75% there but would love feedback and opinions.

Being Aware of things Planned in your life

Between the ages of 2 and 5 I knew how my certain facets of my life would turn out. I believe it might be due to the fact that my life chart was fresh in my mind and I could better remember what had been planned for this life.

The Blitz

I have been piecing together the pottery shards of my WWII life for some time and think I have large parts of it worked out now, so it is maybe time to write it all out in order.

Dark Past Life

I have battled with thoughts of what is my past life, and it's been hard to deal with at times, as I have mixed feelings about things.

Echoing and the Inner Voice

This happened to us all the time (1980-82) and we called it 'echoing.' Prior to our meeting in 1980, I had been studying the after-effects of a profound NDE. I had sight and sound of the 'inner spirit' hidden within others. [2 Corinthians 4:16, "For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward [man] is renewed day by day."] Sigmund Freud came up with the metaphor of an iceberg to characterize the 'conscious' mind in relation to the 'unconscious' mind. The conscious mind was the tip of an enormous iceberg.

A Wierd Experience

I know this happens to many people and Carol has written about it in her first book. But I still think this is the weirdest thing that has happened to me. This happened back about 1980 during the Iran Hostage Crisis. One day on our break at work my co-workers and I were sitting around a table in the lunchroom. The other people were talking about what would happen if the Iranian leader suddenly dropped dead. He was in his 80's. "He'll go straight to HELL!"

Memories of Past Life Deaths

I have two memories of past-life deaths. The first one that I remembered, the memory came as a result of getting a big button pushed. It was a reminder of a past-life death.

How I Died in My Past Lives

I have experienced deaths for each of the lifetimes I have reviewed during my past life meditations. While the circumstances of each death varied in cause and level of violence and human tragedy, each one was met with relief and an interesting sense of satisfaction. Also, as I was leaving the body I was able to see through my eyes and somehow outside at the entire situation at once. While I may sense some regret and/or judgment for missed opportunities, I also usually end up focused on the benefit and positive aspects of that lifetime.

I Remember Being Shot

I remember being shot. I didn't talk at that point in that life and was trying to take the attention of the soldiers off the other people there that they were attacking. I shot at an iron pot they had tied to a wagon they had with. The idea was to get their attention with letting them know I wasn't shooting at them since it was far enough away. I thought it was clear enough since it was in a different direction but either they didn't get it or didn't care, I just wanted them to quit attacking the people they were even if that meant I'd likely die.

Reincarnation Within my Family

Hi, everyone my name is Nicole. I have 3 sons ages 12, 4, and 1. When my oldest son was a toddler he told my mother on numerous occasions that she was going to die but "its ok Nani you are going to come back and be my brother." At the time we just thought it was something that he might have over heard or seen on television. Needless to say when I got pregnant 8 years later my mother became nervous, but she did not pass on. The family member that did pass on was my cousin who I was very close with as a child, I named my second son after him.

Died From a Plague

A couple of weeks ago my friend, who's also a counselor/therapist by profession, decided to take me and another friend, David, through a "past life regression." We did this out of curiosity and for something fun to do, but it turned into a traumatic and deeply disturbing experience for me.

Past Life Dream: A Peasant

I've had a couple of visions and one dream of that life. I believe I was a peasant and rebelled against some conquerors and probably died doing that. Both of the visions have been inside my (then) house and are not very helpful. All I can say, is that the small house is made of wood and we are quite poor. In another vision I come inside and see a woman, probably my wife cooking. I felt quite physically that I wanted to have sex with her, which felt odd, because it was a bit different from the sensations I get in my female body in similar situations.

Spontaneous Past Life Memory Recall While Listening to a Song

A few days ago I was listening to a CD with songs from the Antwerps Liedboek (Antwerp Songbook) of 1544. One of the songs is called "Vanden storm van Munster", and it tells the story of the siege of Münster and the end of the Anabaptist "Kingdom" there in 1535.

Dreams that Convince Me of Reincarnation, Christians Prespective

First thing I am going to confess. I am a Christian and we do not believe in reincarnation. Christians think that people who have these beliefs are walking in the wrong path in life....However we do not rub into peoples faces that your wrong I'm right. We believe that is wrong.

Well I was one of those people I NEVER BELIEVED IN IT AND YOU COULD NOT MAKE ME...UNTILL NOW. Until it happened to me. My goal is to find out who I am and what is being shown to me. It takes my breath away.

Here is my story...

American Civil War

I felt a need and an overwhelming desire to post my recent experiences. I've always been attracted to the period of the American Civil War, ever since I was a boy. Recently however, my feelings about the era have grown in intensity. Sometimes I'm obsessed with the era and feel closer to it than I do to the present. I listen only to that period of music now, I see things and know things that I cannot express and are only understood by a few other people I've met. I would not bother writing this except that the intensity of my emotions connected to the time has increased dramatically.

Sudden Past Life Memory

Something very stranged happened to me this morning. As I was laying in bed with my boyfriend, he climbed in top of me and suddendly I had this strong I guess emotional memory. However, it wasn't a current era memory. It was really really odd. Suddendly i felt like I was transported back many years, and the man who I was looking at (my boyfriend) was a soldier, a German soldier. I was very much in love with this man, and somehow I knew I was a french woman. Every action felt like it was simulatenously in the present and in the past. It was soo sooooo strange.